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Baby constantly pushing but not constipated? trapped wind?

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Keelsf Tue 19-Jan-16 20:07:07

My 9 week old pushes all the time and wakes himself up with it. It's like he wants to poo but I know he's not constipated. I'm wondering if it's just really bad trapped wind? It's terrible as ruins his sleeps and everything.

He's obv been to the docs and they've said he has a dairy allergy like my 1st son. The difference is these symptoms r not the usual for a dairy allergy and the neonate formula he is in (for the allergy) seemingly helped it for a week or so, but now it's back,Mohicans makes me think it's not an allergy and perhaps just terrible wind!

At my wits end! Help!sad

Gracey79 Tue 19-Jan-16 20:09:18

Have you tried gripe water? My ds had really bad trapped wind around this age the only other thing that helped was lifting his legs up, have heard baby massage is good for trapped wind but have no personal experience

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