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Hiatus hernia sufferers talk to me

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Hotpatootietimewarp Sat 16-Jan-16 21:33:49

I just wondered what your symptoms were? I've had awful stomach pains for 5 years now. Burning, achy, nausea feeling. Sometimes get acid up my throat. Had a few bad episodes over the years where I've been rolling around on the floor it's been that bad but mainly I can go a few weeks without pain then it starts and its every day for a few weeks.

Mainly starts at night but can be there during the day on and off. Had bloods, been examined, even had an ultrasound to check for gallstones last year but nothing at the time.

Had an X-ray of the area when i went to a&e during a bad attack few years ago and the doctor said it wasn't an hiatus hernia as it would have been visible on the X-ray but I've since heard that's not strictly true so I wanted to know others experiences

WiIdfire Sat 16-Jan-16 21:40:07

No, they are not visible on xray unless they are quite big.
First thing, have you tried medication?

Gaviscon or similar? Any good?
A PPI? (Lansoprazole/Omeprazole) Did it help?
Have you tried Ranitidine? Does that help?

Have you been tested for h.pylori?

If you've done all of these, you might need a gastroscopy.

Either way, you dont need to suffer in silence, discuss it again with your GP.

Hotpatootietimewarp Sat 16-Jan-16 22:01:54

I've been back and forward to my doctor over the years, started out on lansoprazole, which didn't work as went back after about 3/4 months and they weren't helping. When these Attacks started out of no where I was struggling to eat a full meal without feeling full and sick. I've had domperidone which stopped the sick feeling while eating and I've been fine finishing meals etc since.

Been tested for h pylori this was clear. Tried omeprazole after the lanso and it didn't work either, had buscopan which didn't help. The only thing that did was peptac liquid and lots of milk when an episode started.

Then I was pregnant twice and fruity indigestion chews helped. And now for the past 6 months the omeprazole has actually started to help! So I'm sticking with that. I'm not too keen on getting the camera down as I've seen it done before and it put me off sad and that person in question had what I have and nothing was ever found

WiIdfire Sun 17-Jan-16 00:10:49

This page has some good advice about other things you can try.

Sirona Sun 17-Jan-16 01:03:42

If it was me I would go for the camera, at least then you can either say yes that's what's causing it or needs further investigation. The procedure isn't bad at all if you choose to get sedated.

I've had one since a late teenager and have had all those symptoms at one time or another except for feeling full, more not wanting to eat because I knew it was going to kill me with heartburn. This was when I had to start stronger meds again after dropping down. However I know friends with other stomach complaints having similar symptoms to mine.

Fingeronthebutton Sun 17-Jan-16 16:58:26

After taking every med going and nothing working and nothing showing on the camera down the throat horror my Doctor has refered me to the Royle London for a 24 hr Monertering system.

gamerchick Sun 17-Jan-16 17:09:35

Go and get the camera, you have the option of it going up the nose rather than down the throat. Trust me it doesn't take long and no need for sedation. I resisted this test for a long time through pure fear and wish I'd just got it over with.

My recent one showed oesophagitis and gastricitis (sp hard to read the scribbles on the sheet) so basically 2 areas of inflammation. No idea what meds I'm getting yet.

Honestly it was minutes.

Ishtar2410 Sun 17-Jan-16 17:33:27

Agree. Go and get the camera - they'll tell you there and then whether it's an Hiatus Hernia.

I've just been diagnosed with a small Hiatus Hernia (Tuesday 12th) and have follow up with my GP next week. My symptoms were indigestion, reflux and heartburn, along with a knawing pain just under/behind my breastbone. I've been on Omeprazole which has helped. Doctor has done a full set of bloods - all showing normal except platelets and red blood cells which were just slightly outside of the upper limit.

I have to say that I found the gastroscopy challenging and for me, if I needed one again, I'd definitely opt for sedation. They couldn't pass the endoscope down my nose and it had to go through my mouth, which is what I think caused me most difficulty - just because I was expecting one thing and got something else.

Anyhow, it took less than 5 minutes and I had an immediate diagnosis....much better than the 4 weeks worrying that it might be something sinister.

Elibean Sun 17-Jan-16 19:34:43

If you're really anxious about endoscopy, you can ask for a GA. They can do a very light, short acting one - I know, because I had one. Apart from the consultant being somewhat sniffy at my weediness, it was fine and yes I have a hiatus hernia.

Omeprazole has worked beautifully for about 6 years but recently not so good - I've heard it stops working after a few years??

Sirona Sun 17-Jan-16 20:28:21

I've never heard that Elibean but actually makes me feel a bit better. I recently last month had to transfer from them to the esomeprazole (Nexium) twice a day as I've been really suffering badly with heartburn and reflux again after having it under control for years. Have been on the Nexium before but managed to take omeprazole happily after having dd and they seemed to work for a few years.

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