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Open septorhinoplasty after care advice

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Mybunnyisamummy Sat 16-Jan-16 09:41:42

Had one on Wednesday but received no after care advice. I go back to hospital on Tuesday to have the stitches out but I'm struggling with how to look after the inside as it's got a scab over some stitches which keeps pulling at them every time I yawn and making them bleed. Would it be ok to use sterimar & hydrogen peroxide just to clean it out a bit and promote healing? I wouldn't poke anything in there just clean the bits I can see.

Mybunnyisamummy Sat 16-Jan-16 09:43:23

It's actually not really a scab just a dried blob of blood but I don't want to touch the stitches so I thought the peroxide would dissolve it without letting any bugs in.

maggiso Sun 17-Jan-16 00:14:39

Can you ring the hospital and ask? Its bad they gave you no instructions. I have only had septoplasty by FESS and sinus surgery and was given sterimar to rinse my nose with, but I can't remember how soon I had to start that- I think it was pretty soon after discharge (24 hours post op) I had to rinse it quite often.I know I was told not to blow my nose or touch the stitches. I had dissolvable sutures. The scabs are a nuisance! Hopefully someone else will know!

Mybunnyisamummy Sun 17-Jan-16 05:49:03

I should have rang the next day but I felt pretty rough so I didn't.
Well I cleaned the scabs off with the hydrogen peroxide and that felt instantly better and had a quick squirt of the sterimar which was very gentle. My nose feels lots better with no adverse effects so hopefully it was the right thing to do. My nose is no longer weeping and I can breathe through it yay 😊

maggiso Sun 17-Jan-16 12:28:03

Brilliant you can breath again! I think I was told to rinse with sterimar every few hours to keep my nostrils clear of clots. If you do a search on care after septoplasty surgery, you may get instructions- although I realise your surgery was more complex. I must have thrown my pack of instructions away- I had several generic leaflets for the different bits (to explain the surgery) and all had similar post op instructions - ie to rinse with saline and no nose blowing or sneezing through the nose (open mouth to sneeze) for a week or so. Hope all heals well for you!

Mybunnyisamummy Sun 17-Jan-16 13:52:14

I did three open mouth sneezes this morning which was interesting. I did fight it but lost 😟
I've used the sterimar a few more times and it seems to be ok and helping. It's so nice to be able to breathe. I haven't blown my nose and I am trying not to sniff. Couple more days and my stitches are out and I can make sure I ask for aftercare advice this time. Thanks maggiso 😊

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