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dental advice please

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WelshMoth Sat 16-Jan-16 09:19:35

Can't be bothered to nc however embarrassing I find this to be.

I've suffered on and off with ED for 26 years. My body shows small signs of it but my teeth mostly. I avoid the dentist at all costs. The last year, 3 of my teeth have crumbled and one of them is in my 'smile line'. As a result, I try not to laugh out loud or smile too much. It's killing me sad

My usual dentist was unsympathetic to my fear of getting in the chair and I often felt talked about between when I went in (I never have just check- ups. I always have procedures needed sad).

I need to sort this out but I don't want to keep feeling like this. Despite having a decent life with great DC, it's actually bringing me down a lot.

I don't know how to tackle it. My surgery is in the village and all local young girls work there. I feel vulnerable when I go to the point that I avoid it completely.

WelshMoth Sat 16-Jan-16 12:24:04


PhoebeMcPeePee Sat 16-Jan-16 12:35:00

I would ring around a few other surgeries, explain your fears & dental problems and I'll bet you find one with a sympathetic dentist. My surgery (not my nearest incidentally) has an amazing team that includes one they recommend for nervous patients, one for children etc . Please don't let something that is fixable take over your life this way.

WelshMoth Sun 17-Jan-16 07:06:32

Thanks Phoebe I'll start googling.
I've always felt so scrutinised in my local dentist.

Should I tell them about my ED and the state of my teeth beforehand?

PhoebeMcPeePee Sun 17-Jan-16 10:36:58

I would tell them over the phone beforehand - I don't think they'll need the history as an examination of your teeth will show them, but, it might make you feel better if you get it all out in the open & explain your anxiety. My local dentist is awful - local village surgery, everyone knows everyone's business and just not business-like enough for me so I'm happy to drive half an hour to get a great service (on the NHS!)

WelshMoth Sun 17-Jan-16 17:21:49

Phoebe I've found a clinic in the city (only half hour away so well worth the drive) and I've contacted them - they had a message box on their website so I've had the chance to do what you suggested and given them a brief explanation to how things are for me.

With any luck, I'll get offered an appointment. I've been paying Denplan for years and not used it!

Starting to feel like I can hopefully smile properly again smile

PhoebeMcPeePee Sun 17-Jan-16 22:34:51

Well done you sound so much more positive already grin. Don't be deterred if they don't sound like they'll be sympathic or helpful, move on and keep looking for the right one.

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