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Please don't panic about gallbladder surgery!

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Alboyuk Sat 16-Jan-16 02:02:26

I found the most helpful experiences regarding gallbladder removal whilst searching the internet was on this site. This was my 1st operation and to say I was scared was an understatement! I felt I should return my experience to anyone who cannot be more scared than I was. Today, I was almost crying on the way to the op theatre(that's us blokes for you!). I eventually had the anaesthetic whilst being virtually cuddled by a nurse! I then remember saying ' ooh the lights are going wavey' then, to my disbelief I woke up, all done! 45 minutes felt like 2 seconds! I even jokingly moaned at the recovery nurse for waking me as I was having a lovely dream about owning a big house!! Weird! I went home 3 hours later after drinking and weeing. I was starving, the post op pain is a tenth of the gallstone attack pain Brilliant its finally done after 6 months wait.

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