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My limbs feel so heavy

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Strangeoccurence Wed 13-Jan-16 21:44:28

I cannot for the life of me get an appointment, and i really cant bring myself to go to the walk-in.

Standing up, my legs ache to the point of pain. Its only for seconds, its such a heavy, painful feeling - seconds are long enough! My arms are the same, if i move them they feel the same way.
Its my whole arms and legs, not just certain parts.
I also find if i have to grip something, my hands cramp up and are so so painful.
My toes are going white and numb (raynauds?) With the slightest bit cold and take forever to go back to normal - not sure if thats relevant or a completely seperate issue...
Is this just exhaustion?

ELR Thu 14-Jan-16 13:16:00

Get your thyroid, b12, vit d and iron checked. When my thyroid is out I get heavy limbs nd can't grip stuff

Realitea Fri 15-Jan-16 14:24:16

Is this the first time you've experienced this?
It does sound like raynauds in your toes. I'd get your circulation checked and find out some more about fibromyalgia.
hopefully the doctor will run a few blood tests to see if you're low in vitamins, check blood count and thyroid, etc.

Strangeoccurence Fri 15-Jan-16 14:39:14

Thank you both.
I have been tested for fibromyalgia a few times in the past.
I was low on vitamin d a while ago and that made me very tired, unable to go a full day without falling asleep at some point in the day. A big dose of vit d for a few weeks off the doctor sorted me out. I know my b12 and iron were ok then.
Im there on monday, so will ask about circulation and vitamin levels. Also fibro, too. Am i right in thinking it can show up clear in tests for years before you finally get diagnosed?

It used to be my shoulders, if i threw washing over them, they would ache and hurt so bad.
My hands have felt the pain for years. I can hold bags with handles, but if i had to carry the bag with my fingers gripping it would be painful. Same with peeling potatoes

Strangeoccurence Fri 15-Jan-16 14:41:12

Sorry, no its not the first time i have experienced this. My hands, have been ongoing for a while. I was tested for fibromyalgia for that and my shoulders...on top of other symptoms a while ago.
As for my legs, they sometimes feel like that when going upstairs. I used to find i had to sit at the top til the pain went

Realitea Fri 15-Jan-16 14:44:13

Really does sound like raynauds! My DH had it, it disappeared after a few years.
Ask for the FM/a blood test, this can distinguish between fibromyalgia and other similar things.

Strangeoccurence Fri 15-Jan-16 14:50:19

The raynauds has been with me for a good few years now. I hope it will go away in time. My medication im on can aggravate it, which is what made me think it most likely is raynauds since it has worsened since i started the meds.
The toes are probably one of the most awful sensations i have felt within my body. They are painful, yet feel completely numb. It feels very odd when walking. It literally feels like my toes could just break off. Im glad your husband no longer suffers.
Thank you, i will ask about it

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