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d&c problems

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leighcee98 Wed 13-Jan-16 15:45:37

I had a d&c a number of years ago as I was told I had a pre molar pregnancy and there was no turned out I didn't have a pre molar. as soon as I came round from the anaesthetic I was in agony, intense pain in my back and stomach,it was worse than full blown labour without pain relief..this pain lasted around 5 weeks which I know isn't normal. since the procedure a number of years ago my orgasms have become 'muted' they last 2 seconds,no womb contractions and not really pleasurable. my gp and gynaecologist cannot tell me why this is, I don't know if they severed nerves or something. I have had cervical problems since ,along with 4 miscarriages, luckily I have had beautiful babies also,but just wondering if anyone could kindly advise me or suggest what may of gone wrong. I also have a retroverted womb diagnosed before d&c..thanks

Anomia10 Wed 13-Jan-16 17:44:25

I don't know how it fits with all your symptoms, but I was in intense pain after my first d & c. It was as bad as labour. I had three more miscarriages, then went for an infertility investigation. I had a HSG (hystero salpingogram) where they inject a radioactive dye up through the vagina into the reproductive system and watch its progress. It showed I had an adhesion -Asherman's syndrome. The consultant said it took up 50% of my uterus and it was impossible for a baby to go to term, as there was no room for it to grow. He also said it could affect periods, although I did not notice that. He divided the adhesion in a brief operation. I carried the next pregnancy to term.

leighcee98 Thu 14-Jan-16 10:22:51

thankyou for your reply,i did wonder about ashermans syndrome,or had i suffered a uterine perforation during procedure, I did get pregnant 8 weeks after the d&c and carried full term, I did suffer a massive bleed 8 wks along but luckily had a healthy baby smile..I have also suffered irregular periods since..glad to hear you got sorted x

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