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Has anyone else gained weight post op for no reason?

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Ridingthegravytrain Wed 13-Jan-16 13:30:58

I had an operation in May. Since the op I have put on a stone and am flabby for want of a better description

My diet hasn't changed and my activity level has increased post op

I have always had a very fast metabolism in the past, never really gained weight and lost weight very easily. And been able to eat a lot

I am quite annoyed now. I have cut back on food and it's made no difference whereas pre op I'd have lost 1/2 a stone at least by now

Can the anaesthetic or trauma of the op have affected my metabolism or thyroid? Or am I possibly still carrying fluid?

Anyone else been in the same position? Help!

(I know my activity has increased as I have a Fitbit so can track on that)

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