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Depression in Pregnancy

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Gracielou2210 Wed 13-Jan-16 11:17:21

Hi guys,

I'm currently 6+2 so I know hormones are everywhere at the moment but I'm really struggling. My mood is at an all time low, I have lost interest in everything.

Before I found out I was pregnant I was taking anti depressants which I was advised to stop taking completely by my gp when they confirmed my pregnancy. That was nearly 2 weeks ago. Now the drugs are out of my system and I feel worse than I did before, when I came off the meds I was told to make an appointment to discuss my options but couldn't get an appointment for another 3 weeks.

I was just wondering if anyone else on here has experienced it and if there's any advice you could give?

G x

Maduri100 Wed 13-Jan-16 22:20:02

Hi hun, I'm sorry you are feeling awful. Is this your first pregnancy? I unfortunately became very depressed when pregnant with my daughter. So many factors came into play; I had had a miscarriage directly before, my marriage broke down and I had moved to a new area with no job or friends. The depression was do debilitating. With my son, I was absolutely fine throughout and post. I've never taken antidepressants, so can't comment too much on withdrawal / side affects etc, but I pregnancy just sends your hormones all over the place. Do you have plenty of support?

I recommend chatting to your GP and midwife, get all the support you can and push for it. I didn't, as I was in denial for a long time. I have had antenatal and postnatal depression for the past two years. I'm not saying this is in any way something you will experience! But, do try and help yourself. It's a crap place to be. I am only now seeking help. It doesn't help that I still haven't accepted my marriage is over.

You'll get through this, and don't beat yourself up. Make sure you have support.

Take care

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