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Allergy/ Sinus or what....

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seoda24 Tue 12-Jan-16 16:12:40

Hi there,
Just wondering are there any people out there who suffer from allergies during winter?I am nearing the end of my tether with a stuffy painful nose and a heaviness in ears for the past two months.My background is multiple allergies and atopic dermatitis which I take 2 daily prescribed antihistamines 2 for/ nasal spray.I was given a Kenalog injection a month ago a small dosage help either .Just back from doctor and very disappointed in the attitude of nothing more to give, it's just you allergies !!!I have had all allergy tests done.Should I be suffering with uncomfortableness as in waking during night pain across nose can't breath feeling and general nose misery.Doctor says not sinus as antibiotic didn't help either .I am at a loss As I feel what appears petty to this doctor is making me miserable .Any allergy suffers out there ...???I am wondering what next ....

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