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Acute knee pain. Stuck in bed. Can anyone help?

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Hi, I have joint hypermobility syndrome and am prone to knee subluxations generally. My right knee has been very unstable lately. Yesterday whilst walking across the kitchen, I had another knee subluxation (crunching sensation, pain, unable to put weight through leg), had my crutches passed to me and got to a chair.

Today I am unable to get out of bed, as the pain in my knee if I try to move is too intense to work through.

The pain is caused by any movement that tightens my right upper quad, for example lifting my leg or rotating it. The pain seems to centre on the area of the knee where the right upper quad might attach.

All I can think of to do at present is rest, ice, compress, elevate, and take paracetamol and ibuprofen.

My physiotherapist has already referred me for a scan, which should happen in 6-8 weeks. I have crutches from previous knee injuries (usually the other knee). I have orthotics, recently modified (which I think might be part of the cause of the current issue?).

So, after that loooong description - anyone had similar? Any rheumatologists or medical professionals care to take a punt at what might have happened in my knee this time? Not able to see a dr until I can get the pain under control to get out of bed. Am waiting for gp to call me back later, so I am seeking medical help IRL. I know no-one can diagnose me over the internet, but your speculations would be appreciated. smile

iamEarthymama Tue 12-Jan-16 11:50:15

Just sending good wishes as I have no knowledge at all.

But I have a very painful knee, osteoarthritis, and I don't want to get out of bed, so when I saw your thread, I came to sympathise.

Hope you get some good advice and treatment.

We are so lucky to have the NHS.

Thanks iamEarthymama. I totally agree we are extremely lucky to have the NHS!

Best of luck to a fellow member of the hurty knee club smile

MatildaTheCat Tue 12-Jan-16 12:55:32

I'm a loose jointed one, too. I dislocated my patella as a teenager and I can still vividly recall the agony. I'm wondering if your knee is still slightly out of place. I think you'd need to get to A&E for an X-ray at the very least. Not an ideal day for said advice. sad Otherwise you may have torn a ligament or similar but this might need a scan to show.

I still have lots of issues though I did have surgery after that event and find a really strong knee brace does help. Until it's been assessed by orthopaedics I would stay off it completely.

Matilda, thanks, yes, I think A&E would be sensible. Maybe tomorrow the pain will be more managable and I can try to get there. I'm wondering whether it makes sense to give it a few days of RICE first, as my other trips to A&E for similar in the past have resulted in being advised to RICE it then engage with physio when it's better.

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