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Would you go back to the drs for this?

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DreamingofTuscany Tue 12-Jan-16 09:35:33


I got a cold at the beginning of December. It turned into a chest infection / bad cough before Christmas (I get these every year) and I was poorly throughout that but had guests so couldn't rest much. My phlegm has turned from clear to yellow to clear again. My cough isn't too bad in the day and quite dry (about every 10 minutes but is the kind of cough that people remark on it) but in the evening it is productive and I spend about half an hour before going to sleep coughing my lungs up (clear phlegm again).

I went to the drs last Tuesday and he gave me a blue inhaler. He listened to my chest but said it was clear. I have been taking it religiously but my cough has not cleared much. I am exhausted through not sleeping well and my chest hurts like hell (I am guessing through the stress of coughing so much).

My dh keeps telling me to go back to the drs, and I feel stupid that I am still coughing at work but seemingly not doing anything to get better, but am unsure a dr would be able to do anything to help me. I think common perception is that if I don;t go to the drs I can't still be ill...

Should I go back to the drs or just wait it out?

Thanks for any advice.

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