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Worried I might have tonsil cancer

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Louise2016 Mon 11-Jan-16 19:21:12

Really worried I have tonsil cancer...

Back in 2010 I noticed that I have one tonsil that is much bigger than the other and it looked like it had a small nodule on one corner the same colour as the tonsil, it looked a bit like a small tear shaped lump (def not a tonsil stone). At the time I asked my dentist and doc about it and they said one can just be bigger (kind of how you often have one foot a bit bigger than the other) and that some tonsils are just lumpy and bumpy hence the nodule. I haven't even thought about it in recent years but yesterday just out of nowhere I decided to look at my tonsils in mirror and I can no longer see the nodule on my big tonsil and it looks a different shape in the area where the nodule was, there is a definite difference. I had another look today and it seems that the area at the top of the tonsil where the nodule was is really red compared to the rest. I've looked numerous times today and the patch where he nodule was is definitely redder than the rest. I'm not ill, my throat doesn't hurt nor have I had any kind of infection for a long time so it isn't something like tonsillitis.

So you guessed it, I am now thinking it is tonsil cancer! Especially as I do drink wine regularly (more than I should, bad I know) and this is linked to cancers of the mouth! Does this sound like it could be something? Has anyone else had one red patch with no pain? Its just one corner that is red.

I'm going to dentist on Mon anyway, do you think it would be appropriate to ask him about it or should I not wait until then?

U2HasTheEdge Mon 11-Jan-16 19:45:49

Oh I thought I had tonsil cancer too. I have HA.

My dentist told me it was incredibly rare and if it is seen it is usually in people who are pretty old and long term heavy smokers and drinkers.

I went when I noticed mine was redder and lumpier. Was told I had tonsillitis although I had no clue as I had no pain or symptoms at all.

Went back a long time later and the dentist said that it is cleared but one is larger and lumpier than the other but he said most people's are. It is still that way a year later.

It can wait until Monday for sure. The chances are everything is fine, the mouth is a funny thing, trust me I spent hours looking at my mouth with a torch and many areas are slightly different colours.

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