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CarbonFibrePrincess Mon 11-Jan-16 14:46:52

I woke up on Thursday with everything spinning, I ended up having to go back to bed for the day as it was causing really bad nausea no matter which position I was in except lying down.

The dizziness went after that day, but I've now been feeling lightheaded all day every day since then when I'm sitting or standing, especially when using computer/tablet/phone.

I don't have any other symptoms and I do use glasses but I have only had those a few months so I'm not convinced that is the issue. Does anyone have any thoughts on what the gp is likely to say tomorrow? Am I wasting their time going in for this?

stairway Mon 11-Jan-16 14:49:49

I have this when my blood pressure is low. Could you be very dehydrated?

CarbonFibrePrincess Mon 11-Jan-16 15:02:21

I've been eating and drinking as normal throughout, I've not drank any less than usual so I'm not thinking it is dehydration although it can't hurt to up my fluid intake a little smile

Themodernuriahheep Mon 11-Jan-16 15:17:58

Inner ear infection?
Blood pressure?

Worth going to Gp.

stairway Mon 11-Jan-16 15:20:23

I think you'll need a gp visit then

LadyB49 Mon 11-Jan-16 15:29:23

My light headedness was caused by the interaction of two medications.

CarbonFibrePrincess Mon 11-Jan-16 16:31:03

Thankyou for your answers smile I'm not currently taking any medication so I can count that out of possible causes, hopefully the gp will be able to diagnose or at least give something to help get rid of the feeling. It's my birthday tomorrow and I get to spend it at the doctors sad

Bunbaker Mon 11-Jan-16 22:51:50

Sounds like labyrinthitis.

iwillbemrsminty Mon 11-Jan-16 22:51:57

Could it be vertigo? Just a thought as your symptoms sound familiar to when my mum had it. She had to have a home visit by the doc as ahe couldn't stand up without being sick. An injection in her behind sorted that right out. Hope you get to enjoy your birthday tomorrow OP. Let us know how you get on. flowers

mineofuselessinformation Mon 11-Jan-16 22:55:38

Sounds like labyrinthitis or vertigo to me.
If it doesn't go, see your GP. Hopefully they'll prescribe buccastem (a tablet you put inside your lip to dissolve) or stemetil if you can keep it down. (Same thing, just in two different forms.)
Sympathies - it's horrible!

SuckingEggs Mon 11-Jan-16 22:57:18

Could be a viral thing, too.

Hope you are better soon! See the GP though.

zippyswife Mon 11-Jan-16 22:57:38

Agree with pp. sounds like labrynthitus. It was easily treated when I had it with a course of meds.

CarbonFibrePrincess Tue 12-Jan-16 14:37:31

Well, the gp was unable to get a blood pressure reading when I was standing either with her machine or manual pump thing but when sitting it was 126/85

After a few medical questions she concluded that either I was pregnant hmm (I'm not) or she was out of ideas... She gave me prochlorperazine and I've got to go back in for a fasting blood test in the morning. The mess appear to have taken the bite off the feeling so at least I can enjoy my cake smile

CarbonFibrePrincess Tue 12-Jan-16 14:37:57

Meds*. Not mess

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