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Worth a trip to the GPs?

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Madblondedog Mon 11-Jan-16 08:25:06

Just before Christmas I fell down some concrete steps, foot caught behind me and landed on my shin (didn't hit my head or anything major). It bled a bit and really fucking hurt but I just figured it would bruise and that would be that. Anyway, now even 3 weeks later if I even slightly knock my shin its agony, it touched my desk this morning and I nearly cried in pain.

Is this just a deep bruise or worth a GP's trip? Keen not to waste anyones time!

loopyloo87 Mon 11-Jan-16 08:33:33

Hi madblondedog, I would go to the Dr to get it checked it might just be badly bruised but if its still very painful I wouldn't leave it... I've been to the Dr a couple of times recently never feel like your wasting their time thats what they are there for... My husband had a tumble a couple of years ago his wrist was badly bruised & he left it for weeks .I kept nagging him to get it looked at so he eventually went to A & E for an xray turned out it was fractured not saying this is your case but its worth getting checked.. Hope you feel better soon .

Madblondedog Mon 11-Jan-16 08:45:15

Thanks loopyloo, I might give it one more week to see how it goes (will take that long to get a GP's appointment anyway). The only thing I think I could have done is chipped the bone but from what I understand there isn't much they can do for that.

I have a real fear of dr's so don't like to go unless absolutely necessary smile. Glad they never make you feel like you're time wasting, I need them to be nice to not make my fear worse!

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