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MIL exaggerating illness/trying to hurt herself what to do?

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PizzaConnoisseur Sun 10-Jan-16 12:25:11

My soon to be MIL, was the picture of health until 2012 and worked as a nurse, when she began to experience fainting spells. Shortly after this she bought her own crutches and claimed to have problems walking, in the last year she has progressed to the point that she is now in a wheelchair full time.

She has been in and out of the hospital (on an almost weekly basis), and they believe the most likely diagnosis is adult-onset muscular dystrophy. The biggest problem really is this...

She lives with my partner's 2 brothers in a maisonette. They are both adults, and are down as being her full time carers, except they don't actually care for her - more like sponging off of her. The council refuse to move them into a more suitable home as a threesome, and she will not move alone. She will not move into sheltered accommodation either. She will not employ a home carer, nor will she allow the council to provide carers to come into the home and look after her.

She also claims that she is now unable to walk, but I have caught her on occasion (surprise visit) coming down the stairs unassisted, and she was also able to walk unaided on a hospital visit. Last summer my partner, who she seems to rely on the most both physically and mentally, sold his car and started a new job which was a huge distance away from her. She began explaining to me that he was calling her less, and that he no longer cares about her. Since that time, she has begun to experience lots of falls - by either going up or down the stairs when no one is home and then falling over. When you visit her, she literally shows off these war wounds as if she is proud! Her latest fall was again coming down the stairs and she has managed to fracture her arm, and sprained the other one.

I am really concerned that she is doing this for attention, and that she is going to end up seriously injuring herself. I have no idea where to start to get her help, as myself and my partner are the only ones who seem to care. I may add she is very over dependent on her sons, and has extreme emotional and psychological issues as it is.

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