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Cystitis or chlamydia

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Cooroo Sun 10-Jan-16 07:38:24

DD19, came home from uni with, apparently, cystitis. GP couldn't see her because no longer registered, sigh. A&E gave her 3 days antibiotics. A week later it had recurred. Emergency doc gave her a week's antibiotics. They are just finished and after a lull at beginning of course, she's symptomatic again.

We're arranging another emergency doc today, but just wondered if anyone had had similar experience. I'm wondering if it could be chlamydia? She had unprotected sex in an unpleasant encounter just before end of term. Sort of unwilling consent... Little bastard. Could she have picked something up off him?

As I say, we're seeking medical advice but if anyone has knowledge of this it would be great!

duckduckquack Sun 10-Jan-16 07:51:22

As far as I know chlymadia is often symptomless and when I had it I had to take two tablets in one day and it was gone. It was only picked up because I had a smear test due and mentioned a bit of spotting that wasn't actually bothering me. It must come back in women sometimes because I had a repeat test maybe two months later but it was totally gone. It can lie dormant for years but maybe it can show up immediately too.. Sorry, not much help but I don't think it's an aggressive enough STD to show up so soon and be so resistant to treatment.

kittyvet Sun 10-Jan-16 07:53:01

Why not take her to your local GUM clinic? They usually have special times for young people and you don't need an appointment- self referral as it were! She get get a full check up. They sorted my recurrent thrush when GP didn't/couldn't.

ginagslovechild Sun 10-Jan-16 08:06:35

When I was at uni and stressed about exams which around this time of year I always got cystitis. I think it was dunno stress, being run down and generally just the pressure of it all.
Tell her not to use any kind of soap down below when washing, try not to use fabric softener or strong powder when she's washing her underpants, and see if that helps. I found the best cure for cystitis was drinking water like it was going out of fashion. Also cysto purine mixed with cranberry juice was good too.

Cooroo Sun 10-Jan-16 08:23:25

Thanks kittyvet - I'll suggest she goes to clinic tomorrow (I'm tied up with work, but I guess at 19 she should be able to manage!) to get thoroughly tested, just in case.

111 are ringing us back, hopefully with some sort of appointment. But I think emergency doctors may not be interested in more than doling out another course of antibiotics. Better get some canesten in, just in case!

Yes, seems to be generally symptomless, but can show as cystitis symptoms which is why I wondered. Both treated with antibiotics, but different ones so maybe that's why it's not cleared up?

ginga yes, definitely lots of stress and being run down. First year students seem the unhealthiest bunch out there!

Wishful80sMontage Sun 10-Jan-16 08:36:12

OP I agree that she should go to Gum and have a full check she may not want to but it will give her peace of mind.
Your dd didn't consent has she spoken to anyone about this at all?
If you're tied up with work Tomo could you take dd later in the week or could anyone else go with her to gum? She may well be struggling with going to get checked as its tied in with how the unprotected sex happened and she might welcome additional support. Encourage her to be honest with gum about what happened they will be able to signpost her to help.

PollyPerky Sun 10-Jan-16 09:23:44

TBH anyone who has unprotected sex with someone with an unknown sexual past, even if symptomless, should go and be tested as a matter of course.

There is a now a resistant strain of gonorrhea which is worrying the medics!

She could have anything - any kind of STI- and needs checking out.
The ABs she has been given may not be the right sort unless they have checked the type of bacteria causing it.

Hope she gets sorted! Good she can confide in you.

Cooroo Sun 10-Jan-16 16:18:11

Antibiotics got. She's going to sexual health clinic - got contraceptive implant there so she's happy about going. I'll encourage her to talk about the incident. I'm encouraging her to find a therapist once she's back at uni, to build up confidence so she can refuse consent if it happens again.

Musicaltheatremum Sun 10-Jan-16 16:27:14

1. Your daughter could easily have chlamydia.
2. Your GP should have taken your daughter on as a temporary resident for the holidays. He was wrong to refuse to her. It is in his contract that they see temporary residents. I would actually complain about this. I am a GP and we quite frequently see patients when they are back for the holidays and my son saw his GP when he was back too. I know we are overworked but all he needed to do was send a swab (which she could have taken herself) and then prescribe when the result came through. We are horrendously overworked but sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

PollyPerky Sun 10-Jan-16 17:19:57

Your DD's uni will have a counselling service. They are usually very good. She can find out about them through the uni website. There is no need for her to find a therapist elsewhere. Unis are very good at dealing with this type of thing and some even run groups and classes on handling these issues, being assertive, etc.

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