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Between period bleeding and now cramping?

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AhAgain Sat 09-Jan-16 16:13:08


Name changed because something slightly enbarrasskng in this...

My last period started on weds 30th Jan (right on the day I expected it - regular 28 day cycles), I bled for maybe 4 days. It was a real period - pretty heavy, but fairly watery (seemed to be a mixture of fresh blood and more watery substance) - unusual.

Had surprisingly full breasts during and since period. So - on a whim - took a pregnancy test 4 days ago. It was negative and I wouldn't expect any different: too much blood during my period to be anything other than a period and no other pregnancy symptoms (have been pregnant twice before and knew - both times - I was pregnant before period due).

Last couple of days I have been very drowsy - not a massive surprise because I am recovering from jetlag and have had disturbed sleep.

Last night (CD 9), DH and I had sex. Don't think it was unduly rough (didn't hurt when we were doing it or afterwards). It was loving sex and nothing out of the ordinary, although we were doing it at a bit of a side angle (wasn't uncomfortable, was somewhat pleasurable).

This morning I went to have a wee and was shocked at the blood in the toilet - definitely vaginal and not bladder - quite a lot of it (think full flow period). Today is CD10. Now have crampy, bloated tummy (just like period). Have been to the toilet and more blood.

History wise, I did have two ovarian cysts removed 3 years ago by laparoscopy. Hadn't given me any trouble and weren't very big, but I was having fertility investigations/procedures, so they whipped them out at the same time... No trouble since apart from a regularly achy left ovary.

Could it have been the sex? If so, how? Something hormonal? Problem with an ovarian cyst? Another period on CD10?! Should I worry about possible Ectopic (we have been actively TTC) despite the BFN? I am 41 if that makes a difference.

Current plan is to reach for the ibuprofen and hot water bottle and make a GP appointment for early next week if I can.

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