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Bladder damage post labour

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NAr1984 Sat 09-Jan-16 07:09:33

I had my first baby nearly three weeks ago, a beautiful baby girl. The delivery ended in forceps, since then I have had numerous PP issues.
I was fitted a catheter during labour and I asked it was removed, I was not able to fully empty my bladder but insisted I went home. I then developed an infection in my stitches and a UTI. Having gone back to hospital I was given antibiotics and my bladder tested, it was filled with almost 1.5 litres. I was fitted a catheter for 48 hours, returned to hospital still unable to pass urine. It was then fitted for another week, again returned to hospital still unable to pass urine, a large amount was drained. I have now been self catheterising at home for three days, I saw a specialist yesterday. I have been able to wee a few times on my own but only around 100 ml. The specialist yesterday was very honest and said I maybe OK but no guarantees.. This has obviously scared me and I'm struggling to pick myself up to fully enjoy motherhood, as a cloud is hanging over me. I've now to continue with self catherising for a week, measuring how much I pass naturally and how much I pass by the catheter..

I just wondered if anyone else out there had experienced this, any thoughts, advice, support would be appreciated..

PollyPerky Sat 09-Jan-16 09:09:25

It sounds awful for you. I have had a similar issue post operation when I couldn't wee but it only lasted a week.
Some thoughts- give it time- it's only 3 weeks.

I am surprised they filled your bladder so much; 1.5 ltrs is a huge amount considering the bladder is supposed to hold 350-400mls for 'comfort'.
Was this when you were awake and did it not feel painful at all?

I have known people having bladder stretches for a bladder condition (painful bladder syndrome) and they are filled to about 400mls or slightly more. Sometimes this is done under a GA due to the bladder condition. I did know someone who was unable to pass urine properly for around 6 weeks after this. What can happen is that the nerves in the bladder become damaged by the stretching and the bladder won't contract as it should.

This should correct itself in time. But it may be quite slow over a few weeks.

If you do go back to the drs I would ask why they filled your bladder so much. Have you the sensation you want to pass water or are you making yourself do it?

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