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I have had flu and stomach bug when will i feel strong again? (dreading going back to work)

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LumpyMattress Fri 08-Jan-16 19:11:57

I have been unwell for 11 days. First with flu, then simultaneously a stomach bug that I caught from a relative who i had contact with (who i believed had food poisoning).

im fairly certain that i have had 2 different illnesses, as my dh and dc had the flu virus, but minus the gastric symptoms and have recovered in a few days.

i am making such ridiculously small steps each day in terms of my improvement that i am now dreading work on monday. i am so lethargic and weak, but my other symptoms have pretty much gone (despite not eating normally yet).

it would seem so pathetic to remain off work for being 'tired' wouldn't it?
( i haven't yet left the house except to attend a medical appointment).

any experiences of how low it takes to feel normal after symptoms go?

Pleasemrstweedie Fri 08-Jan-16 19:51:08

In your position, I'd go to the GP and ask for a note. It can take a month to get over flu, so with a stomach bug on top you need to look after yourself and not go back to work before you're completely well.

There are no prizes for struggling in before you reach that point.

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