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loopyloo87 Thu 07-Jan-16 13:01:32

Hi, I was diagnosed with ptosis around 5 years ago just in my right eye.. Its never really bothered me that much as its not severe.. I did go to an eye hospital & they suggested that I don't have it corrected unless necessary as the operation isn't always successful.
I don't know much about droopy eye lid but has anyone had the operation & did it work?

MWestie Fri 08-Jan-16 22:17:35

Hi, what a coincidence, I came on here tonight to search for Ptosis threads and yours just popped up from yesterday!

Sorry I have no tips or advice for you though as am in same position with ptosis in my left eye. Similarly it's not that bad i.e. not really affecting my vision but I must admit I hate how it looks on me. My family has a history of eye problems so I'm a bit worried about going down the surgery route.

Do you mind me asking if you know what caused yours or if it just appeared?

loopyloo87 Sat 09-Jan-16 09:47:00

Hi Mwestie
Thank you for your reply .I had an injury to my eye in 2010 where my toddler accidently poked me in the eye the first 3 layers of my cornea was damages it was sheer agony .I went to an eye hospital & was treated .It was after it healed that one day I noticed that the right eye lid was slightly lower than the left.I returned to the hospital and was told it wasn't the result of my injury and is one of those things.
I on the other hand have been researching the condition & over time it could get worse having an op isn't always successful &,the lid could droop again so the Dr said it's probably best to leave it as long as possible..My condition isn't genetic nobody in my family has ptosis and I just noticed it by chance...It is more noticeable when I'm tired but my husband said it's not usually noticeable so it's very mild. .My optician said he would do a referral to the eye hospital if it bothers me yo be honest I try not to think about it too much as I tend to get concious if I'm looking people in the eye ..It's great to speak to somebody going through the same ☺

loopyloo87 Sat 09-Jan-16 21:17:36

Have you seen a specialist Mwestie?

MWestie Sun 10-Jan-16 11:53:31

I'm so sorry to hear about your injury loopy, that sounds awful for you and I hope the cornea healed and you're not in pain with it

Mine was similar, I badly scratched my cornea and afterwards noticed my eyelid was drooping down. I saw a consultant for the initial injury and the ptosis was barely ackowledged, they implied that it was actually caused by long-term contact lens use and the fact it happened at the same time as my cornea scratch was a coincidence. I was understandably not convinced hmm.

To be honest I try to forget about it but every now and then something makes me think again about whether I should see anyone about it ... the other day it was looking at Christmas photos and thinking how horrible it looked which triggered me searching on here for anyone with similar experiences.

I'm sorry that you also have this, I feel guilty about getting upset about my eye when I know many people are facing much more serious health issues. My own family have a long history of serious eye issues do I don't feel I can make a fuss of my more cosmetic problem. Doesn't stop me hating it though! grin.

If your ptosis has started to bother you it may be worth at least requesting an initial chat with a specialist to see what they would advise? You don't need to commit yourself to anything.

loopyloo87 Mon 11-Jan-16 08:40:12

Its funny that you scratched your cornea then noticed the ptosis.. On researching this condition a number of websites do suggest that it can be caused by trauma .I've looked at old photos & my right eye isn't drooping atall.. When I visited the eye hospital they took a ct scan for my sinuses that came back clear they also took photos & measurements of my right eye... I like you try not to think about it too much otherwise it would make me very aware of it...My optician said that if it bothers me he would do a straight referral but I don't think that theres much they can do unless it becomes very bad & after reading up about it there is a chance it an op might not be successful I expect this also depends on other factors. I'm going to try & leave it alone for a while.

loopyloo87 Mon 11-Jan-16 08:42:27

If you've never seen an eye specialist maybe its worth a vist to your GP for a referral I don't know where you live but Moorfields is the best hospital just to get an opinion...

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