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Bonkerz Wed 06-Jan-16 19:19:42

Can anyone help with this diet and understanding it?

Diagnosed with IBS a few months ago. Done food diaries but nothing in particular triggers the cramps or diarrhoea.

Doctor not much help. I'm have treatment for b12 deficiency at the moment and GP has said she will refer to dietician for the FODMAP diet but it's a 12 week wait!

Cut out dairy for 3 weeks. No change.

I can eat a healthy soup and be on toilet within an hour and then eat a Chinese and be fine.

ParcelP Wed 06-Jan-16 19:44:41

Hive done the fodmap diet and you don't need a dietician to do it there's lots of information on the Internet. I actually found the dietician wasn't that helpful

Bluebird1234 Wed 06-Jan-16 20:41:14

You start with a 3 month period of only fodmap friendly foods and then gradually reintroduce other foods one at a time. It's a long process and takes a good deal of organisation as you will struggle to find much pre-prepared (I struggled to eat out apart from meat). Spelt however is your friend and I made bread as gluten free was awful.

Good luck it really helped me

Bonkerz Wed 06-Jan-16 21:56:32

This is something that's happened within the last 4 months for me. I just have constant diarrhoea. I'm not totally convinced it's a good issue like I say and to be fair the GP has suggested that my bowel issue is more stress and anxiety related. Looking online it looks like it's gonna be a massive change for me right now and I'm not sure my anxiety can cope with it! May need to try and get that under control and then start.

Bluebird1234 Wed 06-Jan-16 22:23:26

I was surprised how much food actually contributes as I also put down to stress. It's not a cure all but I'm much improved from where I was. Things that I perceived to be healthy -garlic, certain fruits, sugar snap peas, sweetners etc are triggers for me and now I know to avoid/eat small amounts of them. Ibs can make stress worse so I would encourage you to try it sooner rather than later.

gobbin Wed 06-Jan-16 23:17:41

Has every bowel condition other than IBS been ruled out i.e.completely normal blood and stool samples, consultant opinion?

Bonkerz Thu 07-Jan-16 06:55:57

I went to gp as had blood in stool. She did still sample and blood which ruled out ceoliacs and crohns and then requested more bloods as suspected colitis. Bloods revealed B12 deficiency and folic was low so I'm having treatment for that but to be honest the bowel issue has been pushed aside to get the b12 sorted

Bunbaker Thu 07-Jan-16 07:21:12

Have you had colonoscopy to rule anything out?

Bonkerz Thu 07-Jan-16 07:51:20

No. Asked last week about one but doctor convinced my current situation is anxiety related and wants me to go on beta blockers.

PollyPerky Thu 07-Jan-16 22:35:31

you can try the Fodmap on your own. it's quite strict and you will have to read all packets to avoid things like garlic, onions, loads of fruits and veg, and also gluten and dairy if you are to go the whole hog. Some dietitians leave gluten and dairy in to begin with.

It takes 8 weeks at least so don't give up.
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