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Blood clots can I have another child

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MissZoeyLouiise Wed 06-Jan-16 19:18:45

Hi I just wanted to see if anyone had gone through the same thing and been able to have another child (bit of a long one)
So I had my little one January 2014 shortly after in February 2014 I got a blood clot all up my left leg into abdomen I got admitted into hospital and had 5 operations I had 2 thrombolysis done in which they removed balmy blood clot but it came back and I had an artery placed into my vein to act as a pump for the blood flow I also had an IVC filter and 3 stents placed but the blood clot came back so I was then warfarin controlled inr range 3-4 but whilst on warfarin I got another blood clot in my right leg same as the first also into my abdomen this year I had my filter removed but blood clots haven't gone or dissolved at all since removal I have a small blood clot on my lung my question is has anyone had anything like this and what happened and also was you able to have any more children or was it to unsafe for baby and mother?

PolovesTubbyCustard Thu 07-Jan-16 10:48:56

That all sounds very scary.

Is there a reason for the blood clots? Or just an unfortunate effect of pregnancy?

I ask because I have Factor V Leiden - which is a hereditary blood clotting disorder. I didn't know I had it until i was in my late 30s, and had my baby with no ill effects. I was lucky.

What have the medical professionals said about future pregnancies ?

Some women who have known issues with blood clotting can go on to have more babies, with mediation throughout, and a lot of monitoring

MissZoeyLouiise Sun 10-Jan-16 20:54:54

Hi thank you for your reply.
They aren't to sure they think it's a clotting disorder/blood disorder or something but are unable to do the tests needed as I'd need to come off all my medication in which they say I'll just clot too quickly so it's to unsafe to do so. I have an appointment with my hemotologist 22nd February to discuss but I was wanting to get an idea on how the pregnancy would be if I was able to have another or if anyone had been in similar situations. I'm glad you had a good pregnancy I'm hoping I can have another and it goes well lol confused x

CoperCabana Sun 10-Jan-16 21:05:34

Sounds like you had a really tough time. I had a PE after my 2nd child, despite being on Clexane. So am on Warfarin for life. When I was in hospital with the PE, I met a girl with exactly the same as you after her first baby. We kept in touch for a while but drifted apart once we both started to rebuild our lives. Living in a relatively small place, one of my friends ended up meeting her as their kids were at the same nursery, and she has gone on to have two more children, at least one conceived whilst on warfarin. She is doing brilliantly by all accounts, and is a lot braver than me!

In your case, I am guessing that if you go ahead, you would probably be on two clexane injections a day, by closely monitored and would need to act quickly on any symptoms of a clot. I think doable, as long as you have the guts and determination but you would obviously need to be led by your doctor.

MissZoeyLouiise Sun 10-Jan-16 21:37:10

Thank you for reply and oh wow so it's doable smile I understand it will be tough. It's tough now but at least if I was pregnant I'd be looking forward to holding a new baby too lol... And yes I have warfarin for life too I'd love to have another little one around and a sibling for my little girl but at the same time it's difficult thinking if something was to go wrong with myself or an unborn child she's the one left if that makes any sense it might sound silly but it always going to be a risk isn't it? It's all just so confusing and complicated there's so much to consider but hopefully I'll be able to discuss it all at my appointment. Thank you for your help x

MissZoeyLouiise Sun 13-Mar-16 20:23:16

So after various appointments due to my health situation no more babies for me sad

Mysillydog Mon 14-Mar-16 10:47:07

Hi Zoey
I'm really sorry to hear that you cannot have any more children. It is really hard being told that. You can absolutely give your child a wonderful childhood as an only child. I know you will treasure her, but it is also fine to grieve the children that you could not have. I think the hurt should get less as time passes. Babies are lovely, but so are toddlers, children and even teenagers are fun too.

CoperCabana Mon 14-Mar-16 10:50:08

So sorry to hear this, but sounds like they are just trying to keep you as safe as possible. Take care.

MissZoeyLouiise Mon 14-Mar-16 11:16:35

Thank you means a lot yes I will definitely make the most of my little girl 😃 and yes they doing everything they can to just make sure I'm okay x

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