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Lupron/Enanton treatment for endometriosis - how long do you bleed?

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ohdearlord Wed 06-Jan-16 12:57:08

I was on this a year ago for 6 months and felt bloody wonderful (finally!) barring the first two weeks "on-boarding".

I'm back on it now after a progressive, agonising, worsening once my cycle came back. Docs are agreed I won't come off it this time but will take Lival/tibolan as add-back and have regular DXA scans. I'm pleased with the plan and looking forward to feeling like a human again.

I'm now on day 10 of the first injection. Next one due in 4 days (fortnightly for first month, then monthly). The bleeding started 2 days ago. The pain is horrific. I was in overnight for pain management, and home now. It is easing, but still not fun. I feel brighter though - the exhaustion is wearing off. Seeing the pain team tomorrow - but really once the lupron/enanton takes effect I won't need them. But does anyone know how long the bleeding usually lasts? I can't remember from last year.

ohdearlord Thu 07-Jan-16 15:36:03

Anyone any ideas? Still bleeding, in pain and v.tired today.

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