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If I tell you what I have done to my foot can someone please tell me it's only bruised.

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ditavonteesed Wed 06-Jan-16 07:34:38

Yesterday walking the dogs the stupid spaniel dropped a ball right in front of me and my right foot landed ont he ball and I went flying, the lovely man I was walking with caught me so no fall. No pain, carried on walking walked around all day with absolutly no problem. Went to bed last night and woke up in the middle of the night in pain, like my foot was stretched out and I needed to flex it but it hurt to flex. This morning I can hardly weight bear, it is swollen but not much and red. It is on the inside of my foot sort of below and in front of the ankle bone and hurt when I touch only that specific area but pain radiates when I weight bear.
I have taken some ibuprofen and hoping it will just go away, please tell me it is just bruised.

gasman Wed 06-Jan-16 10:57:22

A&E or minor injuries.

Sounds like you need an XR.

Skullyton Wed 06-Jan-16 10:59:36

its probably a sprain, but you need to get it checked!

ditavonteesed Wed 06-Jan-16 11:47:11

it seems to have eased a lot with pain killers so going to prescribe myself a sofa day.

TheFormidableMrsC Wed 06-Jan-16 11:51:56

Ouch! Personally I would get it checked out and seek an x-ray. However, you do need to ice it to help with the swelling. I had a horrendous ligament related knee injury sustained while doing the Moonwalk don't ask and the recommendation was 10 minutes of icing every hour. It really helped so did wine. Get well OP!

ditavonteesed Wed 06-Jan-16 12:11:15

thanks I have been icing it but not that much, will increase the icing.

TheFormidableMrsC Wed 06-Jan-16 23:58:33

How's your poorly foot tonight OP?

ditavonteesed Thu 07-Jan-16 07:25:51

It's ok actually, just feels like a pulled muscle now, odd, took full ibuprofen and iced it all day.

TheFormidableMrsC Thu 07-Jan-16 09:09:26

Glad to hear! Take it

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