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Swollen glands and ear popping and filling with fluid

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Missingsleepandthecat Tue 05-Jan-16 04:53:04

Basically, DS2 has had a virus/swollen glands for a couple of days. Roughly 15-20 minutes ago, he woke up saying his left ear had popped whilst he slept, hurts and filled with fluid and that when he stood up, it sort of pops back but he cant hear out of it.
I'm going to book him into the doctors later, but in the meantime, what can I do to make him feel more comfortable?
P.S he still has grommets in his ears that were fitted 7 years ago that should have come out by now.

ateacupofgin Tue 05-Jan-16 05:52:22

A Bit woo... But I tried this over Xmas in agony in the middle of the night. I used to work in a health food shop Amd this tip,came from staff. I guess it's the vinegar that does it so could work with wine vinegar if you don't have apple cider vinegar.

Put 2 tblsp cider vinegar in a mug, top with boiling water and stir in 2 big spoons of honey. Heat in pan/ microwave and add a pinch of ground ginger if you have any. Don't let it boil and tip back to the mug as soon as it starts to steam.

Sip slowly (vapour will be a bit of a shock to the nostrils and may make him cough). Have plenty of tissues to hand as this is a remedy to drain sinuses but if ears are blocked it helps with this too as it makes blocked ears 'fizz' and clear. That's the only way I can describe it!

After 6 days of hideous pain with a virus hanging round my sinuses and ears the relief after a mug or 2 of this was immense.

Missingsleepandthecat Tue 05-Jan-16 08:09:51

Thanks ateacupofgin
I only have malt vinegar in the cupboard, would that work?

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