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PMT - is it normal to feel like this?

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Dancergirl Mon 04-Jan-16 23:46:55

I am in my early 40s. I used to have a few PMT symptoms in the past, a bit tearful or ratty etc. However I've noticed in the past few years things have got worse.

For a few days before my period I sometimes don't feel like myself at all. I become this horrible person, snapping at dh, finding fault with him, picking fights. I feel really angry and can't work out why. Dh is generally wonderful but I seem to pick up on minor things when I'm like this. Afterwards I apologise but I feel really guilty and bad about myself.

There is definitely a monthly pattern to this and dh realises this too now. So is it normal to feel like this and is there anything I can do to help?

Dancergirl Mon 04-Jan-16 23:48:06

Forgot to add I find him really annoying when I'm like this and just want to be by myself and have a bit of space.

EBearhug Mon 04-Jan-16 23:55:04

I find my periods have got worse as I've aged, as far as PMS goes. I feel really down for a couple of days before I come on, almost suicidal (that really hasn't helped with the back to work feelings today!) Also far less tolerant of BS at work. I find just remembering where I am in the month helps, because I know it should improve in a day or two.

Might be worth looking at some of the perimenopause threads in the Menopause section?

And if it's really bothering you, might be worth chatting to your GP?

BearFeet Tue 05-Jan-16 11:26:19

I was the same. I'm 42 now. I felt so down at times that I wished I'd never had children as I couldn't cope. Only felt like this for a few days a month. Absolutely fine the rest of the month. I went to the doctors who said that anti depressants would help but I didn't want to go on them just for feeling like it a short time every month.

I tried acupuncture and it's really helped. I needed every week for the first times but now I go every 6 weeks and the whole house is a lot calmer and happier.

Dancergirl Tue 05-Jan-16 11:55:02

That's interesting bear I also don't want to go on medication. I'd be happier finding alternative treatments such as acupuncture.

Would yoga help?

BearFeet Tue 05-Jan-16 12:09:26

Not sure if exercise helps pmt like it does depression. Worth a try though. Probably cheaper than acupuncture too grin

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