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Very minor but driving me mad

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fatowl Sun 03-Jan-16 14:05:34

Two things, both minor but making me miserable

I have always had very waxy ears, coupled with a very narrow ear canal with a slight bend towards the eardrum in left ear (according to GP), so they are very prone to blocking with wax.
I have drops to put in, but my ears are almost constantly blocked (esp the left one). GP tells me not to try and clean myself with cotton buds, but he will also not syringe them for me, but just keeps giving me drops. The drops kind of work sometimes, but I have a constant muffled feeling, drives me mad.

The other thing (also minor but making me miserable) - I keep getting tiny pin head size blisters on my left foot (never the right one). They are incredibly itchy- so itchy I have been known to come in and rip my shoes off and have to scratch them. I know I shouldn't but it's virtually impossible not to. If when I itch them, clear fluid comes out, and then they scab over and take ages to heal (mainly beacuse they are still so itchy)
Since before Xmas I have had the worst case of these I've ever had, between the toes of my left foot, they are so bad my little toe is swollen and hard so I'm sure it is infected.

I want to go to the dr with both of these problems, but I am wary to take an appointment for two such minor things- any suggestions for either of them?

KurriKurri Sun 03-Jan-16 15:48:09

Has he said why he won't syringe your ears? - Can you try another doctor or a nurse at your practice. Failing that, you can buy home ear syringing kits in boots.

With regard to your foot - it could be a fungal infection - I've had one before which causes little blisters and it is very itchy, so I would try some over the counter anti fungal/athletes foot type cream for that and try to wear cotton socks and breathable shoes.

whatdoIget Sun 03-Jan-16 15:51:50

You could try contacting your local district nurse clinic to see if they do ear syringing

I agree with KurriKurri that the foot thing sounds like it could be athletes foot. You can get daktarin from supermarkets

28Limes Sun 03-Jan-16 21:04:31

I have the pinhead blister thing and was prescribed Daktacort by my GP. You can buy it from a chemist - its good stuff.

See your GP about your ears.

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