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Possible narcolepsy

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EverSleepy Sun 03-Jan-16 01:47:39

So I'm not really sure where to post this as I'm entirely new but was wondering if there's anyone on here dealing with narcolepsy themselves or in the family?

I'm in the middle of testing (I've had sleep studies, next is special blood tests and a possible lumbar puncture) after dealing with insane tiredness since I was 9. My symptoms have become worse over the last few years, with bouts of weakness, collapsing and the shakes (only when angry lol). Its causing a lot of stress to myself and my family. I'm already a carer for my special needs son, and I suppose my Nan too, though she helps me as well.

Most stressful thing is when people just think I'm being over dramatic and collapse when I get upset. It even happened during a meeting about my ds at school (before they actually acknowledged he has needs, I nearly knocked myself out on the table, it was awful.) He's now going to a special school but on mon, tue and wed he goes to mainstream in the afternoons. I used to have a nap around 12pm as I couldn't stay awake but now I'm having to force myself to stay awake to take him from one school to another. Unfortunately this has just made me more exhausted although it seems to be helping him.

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