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Sleeping tablets online!

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babyalan13 Sat 02-Jan-16 11:43:39

Hello am having real difficulty in sleeping. Not every night. Mostly nights when I've something on the next day. It's really frustrating. I was prescribed zopilone in the summer which helped but haven't had them since. I see you can buy them online. I was wondering and considering buying 1 packet just to take them when I need to. Has anyone used online before and recommended any particular sites thanks

NattyGolfJerkin Sat 02-Jan-16 11:46:22

Go back to your GP for another prescription. You have no idea what's in the stuff you buy online. Whether it is what it says on the box or not, either ingredients wise or dosage wise.

hadtoregregister Sat 02-Jan-16 11:53:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notapizzaeater Sat 02-Jan-16 11:57:06

I buy Kirkland (costco) online - they are non addictive and help when I need it.

WillSomebodyThinkOfStefan Sat 02-Jan-16 12:00:10

Please don't buy highly addictive controlled drugs online - go and see your GP.

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