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DM - triple heart bypass next month. How to help?

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ShoopShoop Thu 31-Dec-15 13:36:45

My lovely mum has to undergo a triple heart bypass next month. I live 5 hours away but plan to be there during the operation and then again for her second week of recovery (DSis is doing first week). I want to prepare a kind of "survival kit" for her of lovely things to take to hospital with her and also to enjoy when she's back home recovering. Does anyone have any experience of what she might be up to doing - reading, knitting etc - or also what she might appreciate during her recovery?

Also, does anyone have any insight into practical steps I can take to help her? I've already organised an ironing service for DDad as he works and needs shirts. Would a cleaner to help for a few weeks be too intrusive? Meals on wheels type thing? DDad is pretty hopeless around the house.

I'm just conscious that I live so far away and there are no other family nearby, or else I'd be able to do everything for them!

Thanks smile

LIZS Thu 31-Dec-15 13:49:02

I think you may need to play it by ear a bit. If she needs to rest then a cleaner may be intrusive once she is home. What about getting in some Wiltshire Farm meals for your dad and Milk and More. For your dm maybe a kindle would be useful as it is lighter than a book with headphones so she can listen rather than read, favourite cold drinks, a cooling water spray, moisturisers and hand cream, fleece wrap to wear over nightwear in bed, lightweight m and s cotton robes, slippers.

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