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Glass of wine, then Night Nurse...very bad idea?

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BornToFolk Wed 30-Dec-15 20:34:33

I've had a cold for about a week which has now developed into a very irritating tickly cough that kept me awake for most of last night.
So, I bought some Night Nurse today and plan to take a dose later to hopefully kill the cough and help me sleep. Never used it before so no idea of the effect it'll have on me.

However, I really fancy a glass of wine now and I notice that the NN label says not take with bad would it be to have some and then have the NN on top? Is it just that the NN contains alcohol?

MrsTrentReznor Wed 30-Dec-15 20:36:06

V bad idea. I can't take NN without tripping. It's mental stuff!

ArkATerre Wed 30-Dec-15 20:36:08

It would have a big sedative effect.

BornToFolk Wed 30-Dec-15 20:40:35

Really?! Right, will skip the wine in favour of (yet another...) hot lemon and honey then.

TheoriginalLEM Wed 30-Dec-15 20:40:58

i wouldn't and i quite happily sink a fair amount of plonk with my anxiety meds.

i can't take night nurse as it buggers up my heart rhythm.

in all honesty id forgo the wibe. it will dehydrate you and make your cough worse.

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