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A 360 private health check in London - advice and recommendations?

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AnnieBeeBee Wed 30-Dec-15 19:42:47

Hi everyone,

I posted here a few weeks ago and you were all so helpful I thought I'd try again!

I've been feeling really off lately. Really tired. I am anemic and b12 deficient (both mildly), but on top of that, I keep getting bugs like my immune system is low. My GP is a bit dismissive.

So I am tempted to fork out for a private health check. One of those 360, test everything, ones.

Anyone got any advice on where is good value for money in london? I know they're not cheap, so I don't mean cheap, but excellent and reliable one.

I'm starting to get scared what could be up with me (I have always been really healthy) so I just really want peace of mind.

Thank you in advance!

Gruach Wed 30-Dec-15 21:13:24

I'd be interested to see some knowledgeable, neutral opinions on this.

I considered the same course of action years ago when I had similar health issues (and spent too much time with the FT How To Spend It magazine). My, then, slightly dismissive GP pointed out that a private clinic would certainly find several things that might kill you in 100 years; it's not in their interests to tell you you're 100% fine and don't need any expensive treatment. (And if you're not fine the NHS would tell you for free.)

But I honestly don't know if that was or is still the prevailing opinion. And we don't really have an NHS any more ...

AnnieBeeBee Thu 31-Dec-15 11:44:11

I did wonder that, Gruach! That they'd tell me about something that needed fixing right away so I spend more!

AnnieBeeBee Thu 31-Dec-15 19:35:49

Anyone else? Any experience or recommendations of places?

HeffalumpTrap Thu 31-Dec-15 19:39:37

I completely agree with your GP, Gruach. If you do enough tests you're bound to find something 'abnormal'. No test is 100% sensitive or specific - you may well have false positive results; and abnormalities may actually be healthy for you but not within the normal range of the population. Tests aren't useful when done indiscriminately, they're designed for helping to confirm or reject a hypothesis: that x is causing no symptom y.

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