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Indigestion attack or gallstones/pancreatitis...Or does it matter?

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Toomanynuts Wed 30-Dec-15 19:33:17

I explained badly to my GP that I had felt very unwell recently after pigging out on nuts - bad stomach cramps.

She thinks it was indigestion - which it probably was. I felt a bit silly emphasising how bad it was, because it was probably just bad indigestion.

It started about 3-4 hrs after eating. Pain came in waves and was like being in labour. Agony when they hit every couple of minutes - doubled over, groaning, crying. More or less returning to normal in between. Lasted about 5 hours. (Has happened twice before after fatty food).

Can indigestion be this bad? Does it matter what it was if I do the obvious - and avoid fatty food?!

I've got a prescription for something to sort out the indigestion. Presumably this will help regardless.

hugoagogo Wed 30-Dec-15 19:40:43

Indigestion can tell very bad, which is why people often think they are having a heart attack or have appendicitis.

My experience of gall stone pain is that it is constant, there is absolutely no relief- no comfortable positions, no waves, no improvement with hot water bottles or anything but heavy duty painkillers.

Have you felt ok since?

Toomanynuts Wed 30-Dec-15 19:52:25

Ok, that sounds different. I have been fine since

FiveShelties Wed 30-Dec-15 19:56:23

Pancreatitis is horrible - I was hospitalised for five days - the pain was terrible and just went on and on. I thought I was dying and was absolutely delighted to see the paramedics arrive.

I have never had indigestion so do not know if the pain is similar, but I do know of someone who was rushed into hospital when they thought he was having a heart attack, so that must be very painful as well. I hope you are fully recovered now.

gingeroots Wed 30-Dec-15 21:02:54

To me it sounds like your intestines /bowel spasming rather than your stomach .Did you pass a lot of wind ? Explosive bowel motions ?

Indigestion would feel different I think . Try whatever GP has given you and see if it helps ,in which case it probably was indigestion .If it happens again despite prescription ,go back to GP .

Sorry ,not much help am I ?

FoggyMorn Wed 30-Dec-15 21:13:42

Ibs? Sounds like spasms in the intestines, maybe.

What kind of nuts btw? Cashews will do this to me, I think nuts can be a trigger for a lot of people.

Gall bladder pain would tend to be more right sided (just under the ribs), with pain often extending through to the back, under the shoulder blade. But you might also get more general gut discomfort or nausea too.

DancingDuck Wed 30-Dec-15 21:16:09

Too many I had that - felt like being in labour through the chest. It was a gallstone on the move.

Toomanynuts Wed 30-Dec-15 23:09:45

Thanks for the replies.

Pretty sure it wasn't right sided. Was centre and possibly to the left. Area was painful to press.

It did remind me of diarrhoea cramps (and I had one episode of loose stools right when it started) but it was high in stomach. Four more hours of pain but not sick nor any further diarrhoea.

It was chilli peanuts, last time cheap cheesey pizza, time before cheap nasty carvery. All over a 12 mnth period. (My diet isn't always that bad!)

It really was like labour which I'd rather not repeat!

I see the GP in a month again. Maybe I'll get a chance to discuss better then.

DancingDuck did you need treatment?

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