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Where else to turn for help for my dad?

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sacbina Wed 30-Dec-15 11:51:11

My dear dad is not in good health, prostate cancer which is now untreatable, very limited mobility, had a fall a few weeks ago and was pumped full of various drugs, etc but am now very worried as what little he does eat is going straight through him and the GP says just eat yoghurt.

Before Xmas he hadn't eaten a proper meal for about 2 weeks, felt sick all the time, when he was actually sick it was just bile. Probably as all the drugs left his system. Dr prescribed a tonic to boost appetite. Whilst he was here at xmas he gradually ate more and more but since home mum says he's back to not eating again.

The Dr won't do a home visit, only phones. My parents think he's wonderful and won't hear a word said against him.

If he carries on not eating he'll just waste away, have another fall etc, etc

Is there anyone else who could help?

MatildaTheCat Wed 30-Dec-15 14:07:04

I would suggest getting Macmillan nurses involved if they are not already. They will be able to offer advice and support around all aspects of your dad's condition and also support your mum.

Do hope they get some help soon.

sacbina Wed 30-Dec-15 14:18:26

Hi, thanks for replying. Macmillan are already involved with his care but I'm not sure how involved iyswim. He's fiercely independent and very stubborn and doesn't like to admit he needs help. My mum is quite timid and won't instigate getting any additional help, if it's available, in case it upsets him.

dippydeedoo Wed 30-Dec-15 14:26:53

Com plan drinks and the calorie loaded drinks from the gp will help,my mil had lots of helpful support from the Marie curie nurses x sorry about your Dad x

sacbina Wed 30-Dec-15 23:22:04

Dad says nurses just send him to GP. I'm just not sure who to believe. I live 1.5 hours away and can't visit unless at weekends.

Can't help but feel that his lack of food intake is not being taken seriously. Yes he's 79, has prostate cancer but surely shouldn't just give up!

sacbina Wed 30-Dec-15 23:44:41

Ooops. Re-reading that I should say I mean GP and carers shouldn't give up on him. I'm sure they haven't. I wish I knew who to ask! Thank you so much for your thoughts so far xx

Footle Thu 31-Dec-15 12:11:21

Can you talk to the Macmillan helpline about all this, so that you are well-informed about what to expect ? It's possible that your dad is really quite ill by now, and eating more is no longer possible for him. I'm sorry, it's hard.

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