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Low vit b12

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Hi I've been feeling exhausted losing my hair by the handful and a brain fog for the last few months. My docs did some tests last week and they are saying I'm a little low in vit b12. They have left me a perscription for some tablets, how long does it take for them to start to work ? as I'm just so tired all the time I could literally sleep the clock round I slept from 11pm last night to 10am this morning and I know I could go back to bed and probably sleep most of the day as well.

Bonkerz Tue 29-Dec-15 23:01:07

My b12 was found to be low back in October. I was put on tablets and re tested 8 weeks later but my levels hadn't increased and I'm now having injections instead.
I didn't feel any benefits when taking the tablets unfortunately.

PoshPenny Thu 31-Dec-15 21:06:12

It may not be as simple as taking the pills, you might need a different sort of b12 if your body can't convert it to the "right" form. This website might be of interest. I take the better you b12 spray which is in the active form, methylcobalamin. Has made a huge difference for the better.

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