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IBS something else?

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Simmi1 Mon 28-Dec-15 03:41:34

Hello, first time poster here. I gave birth to DD2 3 months ago - quick vaginal delivery but sustained a 3rd degree tear. Tear seems to have healed well. However since the birth I have suffered with terrible IBS symptoms: started off more constipation but now diarrhoea with stomach pains. I'm not prone to IBS and I'm almost 40 so seems a bit odd to suddenly appear. I have tried gluten free, low fod-map, probiotics but nothing seems to make a difference. I was initially palmed off with "IBS it will get better" but have now seen a gastroenterologist who has put me forward for colonoscopy and gastropscopy next week. In the meantime I am worried - could it be cancer (no blood)? Anyone have any thoughts/advice? Thank you!

StarTravels Mon 28-Dec-15 23:17:29

I'm suffering with similar problems and I'm 6 months postpartum. So far the doctors have said its just IBS but I don't think I have all the symptoms. It's really just constant Bristol Type 1 stool. I've also tried low fodmap and it didn't make a difference. I'm taking movicol daily which helps but I don't want to rely on it long term.

I've paid for a private thyroid test to see if this could be the cause as I understand constipation can be due to underactive thyroid which is common after childbirth.

I've also bought a kegel8 machine and I'm working on my pelvic floor in case that could be the problem.

I'm at a loss really as to what to do next. I also have coccyx pain which I find worrying. At least you're being checked with a colonoscopy so hopefully they will get to the bottom of it.

Simmi1 Tue 29-Dec-15 00:12:40

Thanks Startravels. Miserable isn't it? I used to have an overactive thyroid so having that checked too but when I had it it didn't affect my bowel movements so this is odd. Good luck with getting yours resolved.

Maiziemonkey Tue 29-Dec-15 01:05:47

In the meantime ask for a med called Mebeverine which I have just recently started taking for IBS which I have had for about 2yrs and w hen I was younger for a few yrs. I have never been sent to a gastroenterologist and it's a bit worrying to me that I haven't. I get constipation, bloating and bit of a do pain. The mebeverine is a relaxant so it relaxes the stomach/ intestinal muscles, have to take it 20 mins before food. I also find Pilates and yoga help which are also very good for strengthening core and getting back in health after having a baby. Sounds like you have the alternating form of IBS where you get both diarrhoea. And constipation alternating. Hope the gastro appt goes well. Some people find daily is a trigger,

Simmi1 Tue 29-Dec-15 01:18:40

Thanks maizemonkey. Is it normal to suddenly develop IBS at age 39? I went from perfectly normal no problems to this - I haven't had a symptom free day for about 6 weeks now. I went very low dairy for a few weeks but made no difference. That's why I'm thinking maybe it's not IBS...

hiccupgirl Tue 29-Dec-15 21:37:40

I developed IBS symptoms with extreme bloating - to the point of losing 3.5 stone in 7 months due to not being able to eat for weeks at a time - last year at 42. I've had an endoscopy which showed nothing wrong followed by an ultrasound which did find a small kidney tumour which was removed in the summer.

I really hoped that the tumour was causing the IBS symptoms but the consultant felt no and although it was a lot better for about 4 months after the operation, recently the bloating etc has been very bad again. I'm due a follow up CT scan soon which at least gives me some peace of mind that if there is something else going on, then it should be spotted.

I've tried FODMAP but tbh I wasn't eating anything I shouldn't by that point so it made no actual difference. Mebeverine helps a bit but not completely and the symptoms come back if I don't take it. I have worked out that I will have a massive attack of bloating and then constipation/diarrhoea approx 36 hours after I get very stressed or upset. This then lasts up to 2-3 weeks before it just goes again. When the IBS is bad reducing diary does help with the bloating but otherwise it's fine.

Sorry for waffling on. Hopefully the colonoscopy will give you some peace of mind if there is nothing there even if it doesn't make the symptoms any better.

Simmi1 Wed 30-Dec-15 00:20:56

thanks hiccupgirl. I've had diarrhoea everyday now for last month or so. No waxing and waning of symptoms. It's miserable. The gastro thought it may be giardia so gave me antibiotics speculatively but they didn't work. I really hope they find something easy to fix so I can get a break from these symptoms. I've always been really healthy so this is particularly hard to deal with. I stay in most of the time these days and feel like I'm just going through the motions looking after my baby.

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