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Pea sized lump under the skin on my neck

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nutcracker Fri 15-Dec-06 22:31:43

It's about an inch below my ear, doesn't hurt, only just noticed it, feels quite hard.

Is that where you have glands, can't remember, no lump the other side though.

nutcracker Fri 15-Dec-06 22:36:36

I am ill/run down though so am assuming it's cos of that.

fiiiivemadmarchhaaaares Fri 15-Dec-06 22:42:59

It could well be, I have a gland in my neck that comes up when Im off it.

See how it feels when you have perked up a bit.

Sorry, but lol, I always check for symmetry.

fishie Fri 15-Dec-06 22:47:36

yes it really is a glandy area i am always puffy there when run down . my sister found v similar to you a few weeks ago and really frightened her, so likely to appear unexpectedly? she went to doc etc and is fine.

fiiiivemadmarchhaaaares Fri 15-Dec-06 22:48:46

yep SIL has rushed off to GPs before now as well

Tigglystinselnorks Fri 15-Dec-06 22:53:58

could be just related to feeling ill as you lymph glands can swell due to infection and illess, but it is always worth getting these things checked out, even if the gp does say "oh it's your salivary gland not draining properly" etc etc! I would like to know either way. hth.

lillypad Fri 15-Dec-06 23:00:26

Nutcracker, about ten years ago I had a lump come under my left ear as well. I went to the doctors and he said it was an allergic reaction to the earrings I had been wearing and that it would go with time. I left it and left it and gradually it started to grow until two years later it was the size of say, a walnut. I went back to a different doctor who immediately sent me for a biopsy. It turned out to be a benign tumour called a mastoid which was then removed under general anastethic. Because I had left it so long (and not pushed for proper investigation in the first place) I ended up with a large scar on my neck which reached from the front of my ear to around four inches down my neck. My facial nerves were slackened during surgery and I experience Bells Palsy where my mouth drooped at one side for two months after the op and I wasn't sure at the time if it would go back to normal (it did). I guess what I am saying is get it properly checked sooner rather than later. If it is a mastoid they are pretty common and if they're caught whilst they're still little they can be removed under local anasthetic at the doctors surgery.

Hope this helps.

DimpledThighs Sat 16-Dec-06 00:01:47

go to doctor

I had the same thing last summer but in the back of my neck and much bigger swelling. Was a lymph gland and as I wasn't ill doc said come back if not down in a week. Realised I had big insect bite on arm making me produce lots of lymph - hence the swelling. Went down as was fine. As you are ill and run down I am guessing this is your answer - guessing so you should go to your gp (as NHS direct always say) but I wou;dn't worry or make emergancy appointment.

Let us know.

nutcracker Sat 16-Dec-06 10:33:54

Ok thanks guys, I have to go to the docs next week anyhow so will get it checked then.

It is a bit sore today but that maybe cos I haven't stopped prodding it since I found it

UCM Sat 16-Dec-06 11:19:56

I had a lump on the back of my neck and went to the Drs, like you I felt nothing just this lump, about half inch across. Dr sent me to hosp immediately and I was in there a couple of days waiting for a biopsy when the consultant asked me if I owned cats. Apparently 'cat scratch disease', yes that's what its called honest, can cause this. I wasn't aware that one of my cats had scratched me tbh, but some anti biotics cleared up lump. Big phew from me at the time as I came out of hosp on xmas eve and I thought I had the big C. Just a thought but if you have been near any cats recently, you can have this symptom.

fiiiivemadmarchhaaaares Sat 16-Dec-06 12:31:44

Ah UCM, my friend had one.

Come to think of it I remember my mum had a gland come up when she cut her head on the corner of a cupboard. Similar thing I should imagine.

nutcracker Sat 16-Dec-06 19:14:19

I have a cat UCM, am pretty certain she hasn't scratched me as she doesn't really come anywhere near me but I will tell the gp that too.

The lump seems to be bigger now and does hurt a little.

I did stupidly google, but am pretty sure it will be something and nothing, hope so anyway.

UCM Sun 17-Dec-06 12:50:38

Nutty, my cats hate me and vice versa, they are DH's really, so I would have said they hadn't been anywhere withing spitting distance of me. Of course, it may be nothing to do with this but apparently it's really common so I thought I would do a link anyway for everyones future ref here

nutcracker Sun 17-Dec-06 15:18:17

Cheers for that UCM, will definatly mention it to the doc.

I think the lump has got bigger as I can actually see it now and when i move my head it feels sore where the lump is.

nutcracker Sun 17-Dec-06 15:23:39

Actually it is hurting even when my head is still now. If it were just a swollen gland it wouldn't be sore would it ???

tamum Sun 17-Dec-06 15:26:49

I think it could be sore nutty, if it's infected, but it is definitely worth checking out. I know two people who have had lumps on their neck removed (bigger than yours by the sounds of it) and have been told that they were not malignant but needed removing because they had the potential to become so. Don't worry, it's much more likely to be a swollen gland.

nutcracker Sun 17-Dec-06 15:30:00

Will try (and probably fail) to get in at the docs tommorow.

The soreness seems to be moving down my neck.

tamum Sun 17-Dec-06 15:32:02

Sounds much more like an infection than anything, but see if you can get in anyway.

nutcracker Sun 17-Dec-06 15:33:38

God i hope they give me ab's I can drink on lol.

tamum Sun 17-Dec-06 15:34:13

lillypad Sun 17-Dec-06 22:34:46

I'm not saying it is but if it is a mastoid it will feel hard and sort of a bit mobile under the skin, as if it isn't tightly attached to anything. Also, it will feel a bit twingey and sore. But whatever it is, the more you think about it, the sorer it will feel so just get yourself to the docs as soon as poss and get it sorted. p.s. a swollen gland isn't the same as a pea-sized lump and so I doubt it's some kind of infection causing the lymphs to react, so it does need proper investigation. As I said, if it is a mastoid they are dead simple to deal with whilst they're little. Definately let us know how things go!!

fiiiivemadmarchhaaaares Mon 18-Dec-06 14:12:57

Did you manage to get in today?

TickledPink Mon 18-Dec-06 16:45:31

Hello nutcracker, I have just noticed this post. I have a very similar one going about my DD. I hope you get on ok at docs and will be watching with interest.

nutcracker Mon 18-Dec-06 18:30:46

Nope couldn't get in today, as had to go straight to Ds's christmas thingy and then by the time I rung they were all booked out.

Have put credit on my mobile now though so I can ring at dead on 8.30 tommorow.

It does feel alot better today, it is smaller and not sore at all, but am still going.

Will update as soon as I return.

nutcracker Tue 19-Dec-06 17:35:39

Update ...... Had it checked today and gp said that she thinks it is nothing and to go back if it hasn't gone in 2 weeks.

Tbh it has gone down alot so hopefully it will go.

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