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Can anyone help me stop worrying about DM?

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Fauchelevent Sun 27-Dec-15 15:18:01

My DM has been having symptoms for a while, first they were gluten intolerance symptoms where she reacted to a lot of foods, but the tests came back that she was not intolerant. She is still struggling with low appetite and weight loss.

Now she is also experiencing breathlessness and a persistent cough, and the doctor diagnosed her as being asthmatic - something she dealt with severely as a child.

However, she's my Mum and as a natural worrier I just can't help but take this to the worst possible conclusion, that it can't be asthma and it must be "something else".

It also doesn't help that we had a terrible Christmas this year and argued, now I feel awful and scared. I just need a little reassurance, I know the doctor knows more than me, but she didn't mention the loss of appetite and he hasn't yet done any X-rays. I don't know how to handle it if the news is worse - she's only 57 and my rock, I don't know how to carry on without her.

I hate that my first MN post is so miserable, I just hope someone can hand-hold, offer advice, hopefully put my mind at rest or prepare me a little.

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