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Big fuss over a cold or something else

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VintageDresses Sat 26-Dec-15 05:27:17

Ive had an awful sore throat for 5 days. For the last 2 I've felt really quite unwell. Achy all over and feel (but haven't been) very sick. Coughing is agony, in my throat, not my chest. Just want so sleep but only really dozing as I can't get comfortable. I dont have a temperature. Pain killers dont seem to be helping.

Am I being wet over a cold or is it time to seek help from OOH?

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Sat 26-Dec-15 05:35:55

Do you have tonsils? Do they look inflamed or have white spots?

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Sat 26-Dec-15 05:36:43

However if no temp I would think it's viral not bacterial so antibiotics wouldn't help and it's just a matter of rest and fluids and painkillers.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Sat 26-Dec-15 05:37:37

Oops..just saw painkillers not helping. Have you tried throat spray with anaesthetic

orlakielyimnot Sat 26-Dec-15 05:39:11

Ear infection? Those are the symptoms I get with an ear infection. Try taking a decongestant. If it is an ear infection it should help with the soar throat nearly immediately.

orlakielyimnot Sat 26-Dec-15 05:42:05

Ps, I know decongestant doesn't make intuitive sense. And that you dont mention ear ache but I never get an ear ache, just what you describe, so it always takes me a few days to identify the problem!

VintageDresses Sat 26-Dec-15 08:11:00

Thanks all. I've been taking "cold cures" so presumably they include decongestant?

SinglePringle Sat 26-Dec-15 08:34:54

It's a cold - I've had very similar symptoms for the past 10 days. Today is the first time I've woken up feeling vaguely normal (but I still have a sore throat).

VintageDresses Mon 28-Dec-15 09:30:55

Ok this is madness. Day four and my throat, ears and chest are sooo painful. Nasty gurgly cough. The aching and nausea have passed though.

How much longer?

timeforabrewnow Mon 28-Dec-15 09:46:05

Sorry Vintage - but if it's the same virus I had, it lasted a full 10 days. I'm back on normal food now, but my voice still sounds odd. Horrible virus.

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