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Normal for large boil to still be lumpy after draining?

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FloraTheU Wed 23-Dec-15 11:41:07

Had a huge boil appear on my bikini area last week and after it got no better saw walk in centre on Monday, she prodded it and it started draining a bit (yeah) and put me on a 5 day course of 500mg Flucoxacillin. The boil then continued draining for roughly 24 hours but it is hard to tell how much came out as it was onto gauze. I was told if no significant improvement to return in 48 hours for a possible referral for surgical removal.

I am getting paranoid as I go on holiday next Tuesday. It is not as red and sore as it was and does not seem as swollen. I am keeping in clean and dressed with gauze and savlon. I have been taking the medicine to the letter every 6 hours. On Monday I squealed when she prodded it but now it is a lot less tender and I could apply slight pressure with no real pain.

It still feels very lumpy though, like there is a hard wall around it. Is this normal? I assume such tissue would not go away that quickly and the draining coupled with the reduced swelling and tenderness is significant improvement and I can just carry on with the rest of my course and keeping it clean?

I feel well, no temperature or chills, no redness or red lines around the boil, I keep checking wen I clean and change the dressing.

To illustrate how bad this was I normally can't resist squeezing at all costs. But I knew this was a seriously bad idea and have not even been tempted. Just so worried I will have to cancel a much needed holiday. I think the boil took hold as I am run down and my trip was the perfect antidote sad.

Any advice much appreciated! I don't think all the stress is helping!

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