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madeitagain Tue 22-Dec-15 21:58:41

i am always itching and occasionally have little cuts and pinprick small blood filled spots on my arms, inner thighs, belly and other parts of my body. I have been to the doctor and been told it is eczema. I do have eczema as well. I have read up on scabies but it doesn't exactly sound like it. It is driving me crazy though. Any ideas and better still how do I get rid of the itchiness?

MrsPnut Wed 23-Dec-15 06:37:35

Have you tried an oatmeal bath? Fill a pop sock or cut off bit of tights with oatmeal and tie it to the tap so the water runs over it whilst filling the bath.

The doctor should be able to spot scabies, so I would be reassured with that.
I would also start taking an anti histamine to try to reduce the itching.

bakingaddict Wed 23-Dec-15 06:57:33

Scabies mites like to burrow between the fingers and on joints of the hand. If these aren't being affected maybe that's why your doctor has diagnosed excema

kelda Wed 23-Dec-15 07:16:13

It could be scabies. The pinprick spots can be caused simply by scratching too much.

It usually starts in the hands and then goes onto other parts of the body, in particular the warm parts. It doesn't go onto the head.

You don't always get the typical rash associated with scabies. My GP misdiagnosed me twice, and it was only when my boyfriend got it, with a far more typical presentation, that the GP finally admitted it was scabies.

It was a real hassle to treat.

20 years later and I haven't forgotten that intense itchiness. Scratching just didn't help.

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