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Breast pain and possible lumps

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earthyambitions Tue 22-Dec-15 09:11:04

I have had tenderness in my left breast for a few weeks now and have sort of ignored it really. It feels bruised to touch in a sort of band at the top. Now I've finished work for Christmas and my attention has focused on it a little more. Last night I googled how to do a breast examination and had a go. My breasts feel lumpy generally so I tried comparing the two and I'm fairly sure there is an area close to the pain that feels different and lumpier. I have phoned for a Drs app this morning and am going this afternoon. I am feeling terrified now. It hurts more today and sort of feels angry but I'm sure that's all the poking and prodding. I know statistically odds are its nothing sinister but the rational part of my brain is not winning this morning.

TheWordOfBagheera Tue 22-Dec-15 09:32:18

Breast pain is very rarely a symptom of breast cancer so do try your best not to worry. Not always that easy of course, and anxiety isn't rational. Great that you have an appt this afternoon though; I hope it is reassuring for you. Find something to distract yourself in the meantime perhaps? flowers.

earthyambitions Tue 22-Dec-15 09:50:18

Thank you, planning on making the last of the homemade Christmas gifts today so will get on with that in a moment and try not to think about it. The problem is it hurts so it's a bit of a constant reminder. I had read the pain thing too but then I've done the ridiculous thing of googling and found loads of people who's first symptom was tenderness. Anyway I've done all I can at this point by making an appointment. Fingers crossed she'll tell me there's nothing to worry about.

TheWordOfBagheera Tue 22-Dec-15 10:07:26

Remind yourslef that those women are in a teeny tiny minority and your search didn't show the hundreds of thousands who had more benign breast pain, nor the hundreds of thousands had a non-painful breast cancer.

As you say, you're doing all you can by getting it checked over. Good plan with the homemade gifts smile.

earthyambitions Tue 22-Dec-15 10:19:09

Thanks, your right. Assume all is fine unless told otherwise will be my mantra today!

ifonly4 Tue 22-Dec-15 10:43:28

You've done the right thing. It could be something simple by water retention or perhaps you've been straining yourself lifting things without realizing it.

Glad you're keeping yourself busy. Do you have a friend you can talk to? If not, we're here today.

earthyambitions Tue 22-Dec-15 12:45:59

Thanks, no one to talk to really. Don't want to worry people when they are busy with Christmas things. Plus if I say it to a real life person it's not just all in my head any more. Distracted myself for a while but stopped for a cuppa and mind working over time again. What if that back ache I've had is something too and I've lost a bit of weight lately. Ah need to switch my brain off for a bit!

earthyambitions Tue 22-Dec-15 16:13:35

Just got back from Drs, she could feel something. She wasn't sure if it was a lump or a thickening. Something called fibrosis or something but said I needed to go to beast clinic to rule out something more sinister. Clinic should call today or tomorrow to make an appointment within 2 weeks. Feel like it's all a dream.

mybrainhurtsalot Wed 23-Dec-15 22:39:14

I'm waiting for my appointment at the breast clinic too and it's really hard not to worry. I think they are quite cautious about any breast changes so refer for a check to be on the safe side.

You can post on the tamoxigang thread if you have any questions or just for hand-holding and support:

earthyambitions Fri 25-Dec-15 09:45:55

Not coping very well with the wait. Keep picturing the Dr telling me it's cancer and it's already spread and then leaving my beautiful daughter without a mum. I know it's not helpful but I can't seem to switch it off particularly at night. I'm trying to keep busy as much as I can but this feeling of absolute panic just seems to grip me all of a sudden. If only I'd gone to the Drs two months ago when I first noticed the pain, why did I ignore it, why did I wait. Why does my brain have to jump to the worst possible scenarios when in reality it might all be fine. My appointment isn't until 4th jan. I'm going to drive myself nuts by then!

earthyambitions Fri 25-Dec-15 09:54:07

Thanks I've posted on the other thread too.

George2014 Fri 25-Dec-15 10:05:04

Deep breath and don't panic. This is from someone who had cervical cancer diagnosed at Xmas last year. Think positively and keep busy. I read somewhere that something like 80% of breast clinic referrals are for other things than cancer. And if it is the worst (which I highly doubt) cancer is not a death sentence. I'm 6 months clear and fine and getting on with my life. Push the thoughts to the back and enjoy Xmas because when you get a clear result, you'll retreat not enjoying your Xmas! Xxxx

Wolfiefan Fri 25-Dec-15 10:07:20

I think breast pain is not associated with cancer. FWIW I found a lump. Had a scan and found I just have lumpy boobs!
If you check at certain times of the month you may be more lumpy. Also my lumps are normal for me. Checking once a month at the same time of the month allows you to check for changes and to know what's normal for you.
Good luck for January. Xx

earthyambitions Fri 25-Dec-15 10:13:45

Thanks I do check regularly so know this is a new lump. Thanks for the reassurance, I think o need to surround myself with positive stories and outcomes for the next week and a bit!

Le1890 Fri 25-Dec-15 20:45:52


I have the same thing. I had a hospital appointment for breast clinic on Wednesday night and the consultant said it is indeed just normal fibrocystic breast tissue. Mine feel like ridge like lumps.

I was so worked up about it. It will be ok. The consultant said fibrocystic breasts are very common and in particular with tenderness/pain xxx

earthyambitions Sat 26-Dec-15 09:06:17

That's really reassuring thanks 😊 the Dr said she couldn't tell if it was a discreet lump or a thickening but there was definitely a 'mass'. That would fit with what you have - fingers crossed! Starting to feel a bit more positive now, thanks.

Le1890 Mon 04-Jan-16 02:41:12

Thinking of you for your appointment xxx

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