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Loss of appetite - fibroids?

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StrictlyMumDancing Mon 21-Dec-15 17:48:22

I have been diagnosed as having lots of small submucosal fibroids. Was referred to gynae and when she realised I'd unsuccessfully tried nearly every method they use before surgery to control my periods, gave me the implant as it was the only thing I hadn't tried.

18 months later and its all gone to hell in a handcart. About 16 weeks ago I started getting light periods every 2 weeks. Then about 8 weeks ago I got an old school period, then a day after that finished I got an even worse one. Tranexamic acid in. Another day break, then another awful period, more tranexamic acid. This period has not stopped yet and it feels like its about to ramp up again. Doctors suspect the implant has worsened my fibroids and have sent me for more tests and re-referred me back to gynae.

Normally I can eat a horse when I'm on, but this is different. I'm nauseous for more than half the time. The smell and sight of food is making me ill. I'm hungry, but if I manage to eat I feel worse. Now I can't really eat at all. I'm barely eating half of what I used to.

What I'm trying to ask, in a very very long way, is whether this is normal for fibroids? Or should I be a bit more concerned?

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