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Ruddy dentists!

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Lizzyweb12 Mon 21-Dec-15 13:16:20

Jesus C I don't know! Tried to get an appointment with my dentist for next week, I'm on the second round of chemo and although there's not that much wrong with my teeth, I've been getting twinges in a couple of gums and general sensitivity. I had to register with a dentist who was 25 miles away from me over 3 years ago - as no one nearby was taking on nhs patients. Situations not improved at all and the only time I can see anyone for now, is in the new year - because they're prioritising 'check-ups' of new patients and emergencies, ridiculous and I'm sick and tired of this crap healthcare system getting it wrong when it could go so perfectly well! There's not a shortage of dentists at all but an unwillingness to accept those who can't afford to pay their silly prices for private treatment. It doesn't cost £50 at all to get a drill out - that the nhs paid for, and clear out a bit of enamel, then put some melted plastic in! Yeah I'm not a dentist but then every time I've had a filling, it's been done in less than five minutes! Joke! I don't care, we've all had to take huge hits on our jobs/careers/money/family/social/personal choices and liberties because of this recession so why can't dentists? The recent closure of the last mine in Yorkshire got to the headlines and so did the strikes of the eighties - of which miners were unfairly blamed! Now the systems being held up again, clearly not by a strike this time, something much worse - a bunch of over paid, demanding little nancies who've forgot that they're in the healthcare industry and people's health has always out ranked personal profit. Incidentally, they seem to be showing preference for children when it comes to nhs places, something which will no doubt alleviate their conscience.

Willdoitinaminute Mon 21-Dec-15 21:21:50

NHS dentistry is rationed by the government not by dentists. Unless you have an NHS contract you can't provide NHS treatment. And even if you do have an NHS contract it is divided into units of dental activity and you are only allowed to do so many. I have to earn £50 minimum per hour just to cover the overheads, this is quite low compared to many practices since I own the premises and pay no rent or mortgage.
The fee system is fataly flawed but it was imposed on us. We were much happier with the fee per item system where the patient gets what they pay for but apparently this encouraged us to do work unnecessarily. Now we have a system that limits access and encourages supervised neglect.
I have 9 yrs left before I can get out but may be tempted to sell up.
Please don't blame the NHS dentists we are a dedicated rare bread who if we wanted to could halve our workload and double our income at the drop of a hat by going over to the dark side. But we are a dedicated conciencious lot who still believe in dentistry for all , if only the government would decide on a contract that would allow this.

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