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Anyone else had awful.side effects on Marvelon?

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LittleHag Sun 20-Dec-15 16:32:33

I am in my early 40s, diagnosed with early ovarian failure (though still having regular but very light periods) and struggling horribly with insomnia, severe mood swings, low mood and intermittent anxiety.

I tried HRT for a few months but didn't notice much improvement. So my GP suggested I went back on the BCP as it was more controlling than HRT and so should even out the mood swings etc.

I started on Marvelon and for the first 3 weeks I felt great, back to my old self. I honestly thought I had found a miracle pill. But going into the 2nd pack (GP told me to run the packs back to back for optimum control of symptoms) my mood got really, really low. I just felt dreadful, emotionally numb but also tearful, felt so negative about everything. Couldn't even be bothered to cuddle my DCs. And it just got worse and worse. 9 days into the 2nd pack I was in a very dark place and ended up breaking down in tears to DH and begging him to take me to A&E because I was so scared of how low and anxious I felt. Instead he suggested I stopped taking Marvelon, which I did, and felt better within just 48 hours.

But I don't know for sure if it could have been Marvelon that caused such a severe reaction, and wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar?

I am gutted as I thought it had cured me but now I'm back to square one and just getting by with my old HRT regime, but the mood swings are Hell and I feel so down and depressed much of the time.

PoshPenny Sun 20-Dec-15 18:20:22

I had this on HRT when I went into the progestogen bit. Depression or more like suicidal. I would suspect you're intolerant of synthetic progesterone. I now take HRT oestrogel and micronised progesterone, which is the natural one. Works a treat and no side effects. Ask your GP for this, or for referral on to a menopause clinic, but you might need to travel for one of them. It figures in my case, I never got on well with the Pill when I was younger, now I know why.

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