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Does this warrant an emergency dentist?

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happydollplease Sun 20-Dec-15 16:00:12

Hi everyone. Will just start by saying I suffer from severe health anxiety (this is relevant).

Two weeks ago I had severe toothache. Dentist confirmed infection gave me antibiotics and told me to come back another day to have the tooth taken out. 2 days later, pain had gone and I was happy. However I went back to have it taken out and there were no appointments until after Christmas.

I've rang every day for cancellations with no luck. Didn't bother me though as I'm in no pain so thought anti biotics had done their trick.

Friday another tooth had similar pain. Emergency dentist had no appointments so I panicked and I've got more anti biotics but the pain stopped after an hour. I've tried an emergency dentist since Friday with no luck.

So I don't know where to go from here. A quick Google tells me that anti biotics don't work for tooth infections. I am absolutely terrified that this is about to spread to my brain or my blood. I get this is irrational but I do have health anxiety.

I know tooth infections can kill and I'm incredibly anxious to leave it but the appointments are so hard to get. So do I try again to get an emergency appointment or leave it til after Christmas as I'm in no pain?

Badders123 Sun 20-Dec-15 16:07:04

You have no pain?
You have had antibiotics?
Yes, tooth infections used to kill...before the advent of antibiotics!
If you had a severe infection or sepsis you would be very very ill and in a lot of pain.
So. In the kindest possible way...get a grip and enjoy Xmas smile

guineapig1 Sun 20-Dec-15 16:08:01

Physically i expect you'll be absolutely fine, the chances of a tooth infection being that serious before anything being done about it are minute though they are bloody painful

Health anxiety is horrible though and if it is going to cause you distress over Christmas i'd be inclined to ring your practice and explain the situation. Maybe try to speak with a dentist or dental nurse rather than the receptionist or assuming your gp is aware of your anxiety ask them to have a word. Hopefully they will squeeze you in in the next few days.

Otherwise just be sensible and if things flair up over the holidays contact the emergency number.

Good luck and hope you get it sorted!

happydollplease Sun 20-Dec-15 16:15:33

Thank you both. Toothache is the worst pain I've ever had, but thankfully pain is gone. Sometimes it can be a little tender when pressed really hard but nothing serious at all.

The emergency appointments are hard to get. Thr line is engaged constantly from 8am and usually appointments are gone by the time you usually get through. Emergency appointments are after 6pm in the next town, I have a 3 year old and don't drive so are really awkward so would rather avoid if I could. I just worry about leaving the infection to spread through my body.

Health anxiety is indeed fucking horrendous. And I have a cold and cough and sore chest to top it off. And it's Christmas.

BeaufortBelle Sun 20-Dec-15 16:18:11

So tooth one you had pain, got anti-biotics and pain stopped. You need to make an appointment to have the tooth extracted but haven't yet.

Another tooth flared, you got anti-biotics and the pain stopped after an hour.

At present you are not in pain and haven't made a non emergency appointment for the extraction or to see a dentist routinely.

The worst that will happen is that you will have bad toothache over Christmas. This will not lead to a brain or blood infection.

Tomorrow morning make a dentist appointment as soon as you can - do you have a regular dentist? Then make a doctor's,appointment to get help for your health anxiety. Meanwhile stop googling.

Badders123 Sun 20-Dec-15 16:19:18

Yes it is very grim.
But you have had antibiotics so the infection is under control.
Otc pain relief for any pan you might have.
I found - after oral surgery - the best painkiller was solvable co codamol sort of swilled around the mouth.
Also something like corsodyl mouthwash can be helpful.

BeaufortBelle Sun 20-Dec-15 16:21:59

I can tell you hapoydoll that if you had really bad infection related toothache you'd have your three year old in his buggy and be on the bus for an after 6pm appointment before you could say Jack Robinson.

happydollplease Sun 20-Dec-15 16:22:10

I do have a regular dentist, they are the ones who confirmed infection and prescribed anti biotics. I have tried to make an appointment to have it taken out but they are fully booked for weeks.

I am in therapy for health anxiety so I am getting help, and have been for a while but unfortunately it's not an over night thing.

StoptheRavelry Sun 20-Dec-15 16:40:33

You could ring the emergency dentist but they won't normally see you unless you are in pain, so it's probably a non starter. Also many of them won't do extractions.

Your best bet is speaking to your surgery and making the first available appointment to have it taken out. You will feel better knowing you have an end point.

Antibiotics do work with dental infections. Not always, and not every sort - did you have metronidazole? It is good for them because it can deal with anaerobic bacteria, ie those inside the jaw structure, not exposed to oxygen.

Anything else is probably a waste of time.

It won't get to the source of the infection, which is within the root, but it will calm down the bacteria that are leaking out of the end into the jaw. That's why it feels so much better.

The only solution longer term is to have it extracted or root filled, of course, but in the interim it is very very unlikely to actually turn into a systemic infection. It may flare up again but hopefully not too quickly. Go easy on it. Avoid anything hard on that tooth. Anti inflammatories can help too.

You'll know if it starts to twinge again and if it gets too much to handle, at that point you will be able to see the emergency dentist, because it will be painful, and they may be kind enough to remove it for you.

Btw interested to know why your own dentist hasn't suggested root canal?

I hope this reassures you a bit - I've had the same concerns so I understand.

StoptheRavelry Sun 20-Dec-15 16:44:06

Oh and by the way the ABs will have bought you some time, and it can rumble on for months without flaring up again so you may well be fine - remember your own body is also fighting what's left of the infection.

They can't extract very easily without the antibiotic stage, because anaesthetic may not take due to the pH balance when there is inflammation - I've had one removed without, and it hurt! - so you have done the first stage of the process. And if it does flare up again you might need another short course but hopefully it won't be bad enough to need that and you can just have an injection and have it treated or removed.

happydollplease Sun 20-Dec-15 16:56:12

I had amoxicillin. I have another course of amoxillin now incase it starts again.

The tooth can't be saved as it was broken, this doesn't bother me I'd rather have it out and no more issues. I've had one infection before and emergency dentist removed it there and then, could have kissed them!

So the general consensus is that I won't drop dead before Christmas if the tooth isn't pulled out by then? I am glad grin

StoptheRavelry Sun 20-Dec-15 17:01:59

Well it's great that the amoxycillin knocked it out. That probably means it wasn't too severe an infection (I assume - though I'm not a dentist)

That also means there is a more hardcore option if needed.

You should be fine. Get the appt booked though.

happydollplease Sun 20-Dec-15 17:05:29

I'm going to go in Tommorow and book the soonest appointment available. So I shouldn't need an emergency appointment yet and should be safe to leave extraction til after Christmas? (I won't get an appointment before then). There was no fever or swelling so I am assuming it wasn't a life threateningly serious one.

My concerns really stem from stupidly googling where it says anti biotics shouldn't be used, they don't work and once the pain stops the bacteria will still be eating away and spreading until its removed. I really am stupid sometimes.

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