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KatieLatie Sat 19-Dec-15 20:07:03

Sorry, me again. Promise that I not a hyoerchondriac...

Took DS on a play date yesterday to someone's house. He is very friendly with the two boys: 3 hours playing together, lots of hugs and kisses (they are 4/5). Mother said that the youngest (4) was a bit off the night before (unsettled sleep, felt hot etc), but he was fine yesterday. Must have had a bad night because I had a phonecall from Her this morning to say that he was very unwell, they went to the GP and he was diagnosed with HFMD.

What are our chances? DS is very fit and healthy nornally. On Wednesday my immune suppressed mum arrives for Christmas. On Saturday we fly to California to stay with the in-laws (including a 92 year old). I read that HFMD has a 4-6 day incubation period - so we can expect symptoms between Tuesday to Thursday. Some people can be carriers without getting symptoms.

Any advice?

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