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Bone pain post chemotherapy

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vanillabeauty Thu 17-Dec-15 22:22:12

Help I had chemotherapy 5 years ago. However I am getting bone pain (approx 0-3 times a week). It is defiantly pain in the bones, and can affect any bone (although never bones in my skull, hands, feet or ribs) but my collar bones, wrists, all the bones in my pelvis. It can be one bone, one location, several bones localised, or any bone anywhere. I have had a CT scan, and that was fine.
The pain is driving me insane, any others out there with bone pain? Not sure if linked to the chemotherapy or gcsf injections I had. confused

hollinhurst84 Sat 19-Dec-15 05:32:35

I get bone pain from my GCSF injections, known common side effect. Mine tends to be my back, or lower down or my thighs for some reason. Not comfortable but I take painkillers regularly before it starts - mine is usually the 1-3 days after my injections (once a week jabs)
I haven't had chemo as no cancer, am just neutropenic so can't advise on that side

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