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sorry gross...

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linzoid Tue 18-May-04 17:37:49

but is it normal to have a fairly heavy vaginal disharge all the time? It is yellowy/white and sometimes stringy. sorry i know that isn't a nice question hope noones been put off their tea

Easy Tue 18-May-04 17:44:41

Well most people have some discharge some of the time, but if it is all the time it might be worth having it checked out, could be something quite innocuous like thrush (which often shows only one or two of the 7 or 8 symptoms it can produce), but if you have it for a long time it can be a b*gg*r to finally get rid of, and may get worse if you get ill with anything else along the way.

Why not get an appt with the dr or practice nurse and ask them to get a slide analysed?

essbee Tue 18-May-04 17:47:56

Message withdrawn

Branster Tue 18-May-04 18:41:02

it might also be something simple like bacterial vaginosis. i had it twice in my life. no other symptoms apart from a clear discharge which actually turns yellow on a pantyliner (sorry about the details, but i had to wear them) a bit like an egg white but of a higher density.. no smells or itchiness. it is caused by an acidity imbalance in the vagina, is not necessarly sexualy transmitted, but it is unpleasant in the sense that you have this continuous wet feeling. it is v easily treated with a course of antibiotics and my dh did not have to take anything, just me. all sorts of causes: just the way you are, or washing too much or wearing tight clothes, that sort of thing. my gynicologys reccomende i only wash with jhonson baby soap as it's v mild, and use nothing else. ofcourse, the cause for your discharge might well be different, but do get it checked and i'm sure it's either nothing or it's a very easily traetable condition.

Branster Tue 18-May-04 18:43:26

i don't know if this is the case where you live, but my local hospital has a special department for std and women's problems, wher you just drop in, wait 15 min, get seen by a doctor, get the results within 1/2h and the right medication there and then. they also run all the tests for you (thrush, and everything else) for free, all they need is a swab test, done in 1min and that's it.

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